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Green Builder Media’s #1 Structural Brand, Premier SIPS is one of the oldest and most awarded SIPs manufacturers in the industry. Premier’s SIP Systems exceed 2021 code requirements, deliver sustainable, warranted and clean air certified structures - that will stand the test of time. 

Featured Projects

Street view3 Story SIP Office Building
Tustin, CA
Reduced construction time and labor costs. SIPS were highly energy-efficient and became an integral part of the wall and roof more

Affordable SIP ApartmentsAffordable SIP Apartments
Grand Junction, CO

Affordable SIP Living ComplexAffordable SIP Living Complex
Phoenix, AZ
Multi-Family, 59 Affordable Family Housing Units. Grandfamililes refers to a family where grandparents, great-grandparents are raising a child because the biological parents aren't in the picture. This complex provides these non-traditional families affordable housing and a community to connect with.... read more

Affordable SIP Mountain Zero Energy CommunityAffordable SIP Mountain Zero Energy Community
Basalt, CO
SIP panels saved on labor and construction costs. It also i Using SIP panels increased the R-value of our building envelope increasing our R value from R-21 to R-24. Our blower door test results also improved. We found... read more

Audubon SIP Visitor Center and HeadquartersAudubon SIP Visitor Center and Headquarters
Coleharbor, ND
6" SIP walls & 12" SIP roof LEED Gold Certification Standards Model for efficiency for Government Buildings Solar energy, wind generation & geothermal systemread more

Bridger SIP RanchBridger SIP Ranch
Belgrade, MT
The ability to emphasize the quality of the envelope and the speed of construction provided a sense of confidence in the early meetings with the clients. The architect was very satisfied with the support received from the suppliers and SIP... read more

British Columbia SIP Passive HouseBritish Columbia SIP Passive House
Vancouver, BC
Family Residential Project with Passive House Canada Certification designed for solar gain through windows. The project has a hot water heat pum and it is Solar more

Building Green SIP SchoolBuilding Green SIP School
Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas firm SSA Architecture was able to cut energy use by 50 percent and save more than $1 million dollars from the construction budget by specifying SIPs for this 68,000 sq. ft. elementary more

Cedarwood Zero Energy HomeCedarwood Zero Energy Home
Bellingham, WA
SIPs and an ICF basement make this high performance home close to Passive House more

Cheney Creek SIP Micro HomesCheney Creek SIP Micro Homes
Steamboat Springs, CO

Compact SIP House Dewey AZCompact SIP House Dewey AZ
Dewey-Humboldt, AZ

Contemporary CalGreen SIP Family HouseContemporary CalGreen SIP Family House
Los Gatos, CA
This project was extremely difficult due to the multiple angels of the walls. Hardly any of the walls had a 90-degree angel. The home would have been quite costly to build conventionally because of these angles; however, SIPs saved considerable... read more

Craftsman SIP Passive CottageCraftsman SIP Passive Cottage
Port Townsend, WA
Set on 5 wooded acres in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains of Washington State, this hilltop modern craftsman-style cottage is designed and set to maximize natural light and cubic footage to create a sense of spaciousness in a tiny... read more

Davis SIP HouseDavis SIP House
Bremerton, WA
With SIPs, we reduced pollutants and achieved the better indoor air quality and indoor comfort associated with having SIP for walls and the roof. Allows a faster installation time, saving costs associated with labor and framing timelines. We were able... read more

Earth Advantage SIP ADU and HouseEarth Advantage SIP ADU and House
Bend, OR
SIP construction will save labor costs as well as help me achieve Net Zero certifications, which is my more

Energy Efficient SIP Ballard HouseEnergy Efficient SIP Ballard House
Seattle, WA
Owner decided to go with one of TC Legend Homes designs for an open-floor plan, three-bedroom, two-story home, 1,915 square feet in size. It was constructed of structural insulated panels (SIPs), which are manufactured by Premier SIPs out of EPS... read more

Energy Efficient SIP HouseEnergy Efficient SIP House
San Francisco, CA
Building with SIPs significantly increased the speed of construction to two weeks versus months. Contrary to conventional building methods, using prefabricated SIPs reduced noise and decreased the duration of construction. made it easier to apply exterior finish materials before... read more

Energy Efficient SIP HouseEnergy Efficient SIP House
Seattle, WA
Project Data: • Name: 19th Avenue • Location: Seattle, WA • Layout: 4 bdrm, 2.5 bath, 2 fl, 2,463 ft2 • Climate Zone: IECC 4C, marine • Completion: May 2016 • Category: custom for buyer Modeled Performance Data: • HERS Index: without PV 44, with PV -2 • Projected... read more

Energy Efficient SIP HouseEnergy Efficient SIP House
Spanish Fork, UT
SIPs helped comply to owner's dream on having a energy efficient more

Energy Efficient SIP Office BuildingEnergy Efficient SIP Office Building
Louisville, CO
SIPs construction made the framing process extremely efficient, which allowed for building dry-in ahead of projected construction schedule. Also enabled for energy efficiency goals for this project. SIPS specific engineering provided by Compass Consulting Engineers throughout the design phase (along... read more

Las Vegas, NV
SIP helped this project achieve Energy Efficiency, Labor Time Savings (installed in 80 days!) and waste savings (over conventional framing).read more

Energy Star SIP Demonstration HouseEnergy Star SIP Demonstration House
Olympia, WA
Residence and demonstration home 10-inch SIP walls 12-inch SIP roof Energy Star 3.0 EPA Indoor airPLUS Washington State Built Green Level 5 @200/year in heating costsread more

Everson, WA
TC Legend builds affordable Net Zero energy houses. "We use our small crew to assemble the wall panels, man-handling them into place, but a crane can be used for walls. We do use the crane to set the thicker, heavier... read more

Energy Star SIP HouseEnergy Star SIP House
Olympia, WA
HERS index 39 10" SIP walls & floors, '1" SIP roof 5 Star Built Green - Olympia Master Builders Energy Star Northwest Certified Home Builders Challenge Certification The entire shell is SIPsread more

ENERGY STAR SIP Vacation HouseENERGY STAR SIP Vacation House
Oak Island, NC
SIPs helped us save time and labor on installation. The real savings is the energy efficiency of the home. This project achieved Energy Star more

EPA Indoor AirPlus SIP HouseEPA Indoor AirPlus SIP House
North Bend, WA
TC Legend handled all aspects of the project from design through construction and has developed consistent high performance home systems that rely on the energy efficient components that SIP offer. Install time is days, not weeks which equates to a... read more

EPA Indoor AirPlus SIP HouseEPA Indoor AirPlus SIP House
Redmond, WA
The energy efficiency is critical as the home needed to generate enough energy to not only operate, but to power/operate future electric cars! Install time is days, not weeks which equates to a reduction in framing and other trade more

EPA Indoor AirPlus SIP HouseEPA Indoor AirPlus SIP House
Seattle, WA
Install time (FAST), labor costs (minimal compared to other advanced framing options) and ENERGY efficiency. The goal for this project was to generate renewable energy, which is multiplied when the envelope is extremely efficient and much of the energy generated... read more

Evoke Quadrant Model SIP HouseEvoke Quadrant Model SIP House
Issaquah, WA
This model home for a sustainable community shows how SIPs and other energy saving technologies can lower utility bills for more

Family SIP HouseFamily SIP House
Kerrville, TX
Energy efficiency for long term operating costs in climate that gets both hot and cold weather. We were told about the exceptional speed of construction - which proved to be true!read more

Fire Resistant SIP DuplexesFire Resistant SIP Duplexes
Sonora, CA
Multifamily duplex/single family home development. Speed of construction & high performance requirements, zero-energy mandate, wildlands-urban interface code. SIPS provide superior insulation and air-sealing, while eliminating the need to vent the attic, which is a big deal when it comes to... read more

Golden Poles SIP ChaletGolden Poles SIP Chalet
Government Camp, OR
Multifamily "condo chalet" in highly desirable Mount Hood, Oregon. Popular for skiing in winter and hiking in summer. As the first condo complex in Oregon, the landmark structure burned down in 2015, and was completely rebuilt and finished in 2018.... read more

Hagen-Niehaus Net Zero SIP HouseHagen-Niehaus Net Zero SIP House
Ashland, OR
The Home is sited on an East West axis to allow passive solar gain as well at aligning the roof for both Solar thermal and a PV system. The client installed ALL LED light except the oven. And that only... read more

High Performance Columbia City SIP House Seattle WAHigh Performance Columbia City SIP House Seattle WA
Burien, WA
Spec Home with Ultra-Green features in Washington State: Premium 5-Star Built Green, Positive Energy beyond Net-Zero energy home in the heart of Columbia City, more

High Performance Curved SIP HouseHigh Performance Curved SIP House
Ennis, MT
10" and 12" SIP walls and 12" SIP roof HERS Index 22 Curved SIPs 0.17 ACH50 Off the grid: 4kW solar system and three 1kW wind turbines ICF basement Radiant heating with wood-fired boilerread more

High Performance Purtee SIP HouseHigh Performance Purtee SIP House
Moscow, ID
SIP saved much time, labor and costs on this more

High Performance SIP CabinHigh Performance SIP Cabin
Virgin, UT
The client wanted a very energy-efficient home. Having used SIPs several times, I knew they were the perfect choice. With labor, construction costs, and time, all combined with solar power this home is very more

High Performance SIP DuplexHigh Performance SIP Duplex
Petersburg, AK
SIPS were our choice. We wanted these for our structure not only for personal investment but for the overall energy savings down the line. SIPs allowed us to reach an energy rating that reduces our financial costs in Alaska's Rural... read more

High Performance SIP Family HomeHigh Performance SIP Family Home
Gig Harbor, WA
Building an all SIPs home was a "must" requirement by the homeowners. 6-inch SIP walls, 10-inch SIP roof Air infiltration tested at 1.36 ACH50 Ductless heat pumps Double-glazed, Low-e, argon-filled windowsread more

High Performance SIP HomesHigh Performance SIP Homes
Olympia, WA
The buyer selected us because we use SIPs, hydronic radiant heat, and HRV’s as our standard construction system and we would certify their home with Energy Star. Using SIPs created a better building envelope and helped to reduce heat loss... read more

High Performance SIP HouseHigh Performance SIP House
Anacortes, WA
You could not have built this home by any other means at anywhere near the same price. Not only were we able to provide an exceptional design, but we have also provided a zero-energy ready home, as certified by the... read more

High Performance SIP House and ShopHigh Performance SIP House and Shop
Langley, WA
I chose SIP construction for its tightness, speed to dry-in and interior comfort. This being our retirement home, we also were looking for a very energy efficient more

High Performance SIP HouseHigh Performance SIP House
Littleton, CO
Using SIPs on the project contributed to the highly insulated and tightly sealed more

High Performance SIP HouseHigh Performance SIP House
Richland, WA
High Performance Construction benefits of using SIPs on this project. SIP construction helped get this construction with speed and high performance more

High Performance SIP HouseHigh Performance SIP House
Seattle, WA
Energy savings are significant with an airtight structure and strategic HVAC/Solar systems. nstall time is days, not weeks with standard framing - which equates to a reduction in framing and other trade more

High Performance SIP HouseHigh Performance SIP House
Shelton, WA
To protect the timbers from the wet weather we needed to dry in the house fast. We also wanted much better insulation envelope compared to a rafter system in the ceiling. We strive for extreme energy efficiency so need a... read more

High Performance SIP HouseHigh Performance SIP House
Tucson, AZ
BASF started with a SIPs-optimized building envelope due to the corporation’s previous experience with projects like the BASF Near-Zero Energy more

High Performance SIP Multifamily DIV IIHigh Performance SIP Multifamily DIV II
Sonora, CA
Speed of construction & high performance requirements, zero-energy mandate, wildlands-urban interface code. SIPS provide superior insulation and air-sealing, while eliminating the need to vent the attic, which is a big deal when it comes to the Wildlands-Urban Interface Code. Construction... read more

House with SIP RoofHouse with SIP Roof
Phoenix, AZ
Energy and time saving convenience; Ease of installation - installed in two days; Eliminated cost of roof insulation; Provided cool/protected environment for subcontractors throughout course of more

Knight SIP HouseKnight SIP House
Bend, OR
The Kiowa House is the first of its kind in Bend, Oregon. The healthiest home on the block, the client wanted a high energy, efficiency custom home constructed with SIPS more

LEED Platinum SIP  TownhomesLEED Platinum SIP Townhomes
Tacoma, WA
By utilizing SIPS framing the architect was able to impressively integrate both cultural and environmental responsibility into this tribal project to meet the goals set by the Puyallup Tribal Housing Authority "space that reflects culture." Tread more

LEED Platinum SIP HouseLEED Platinum SIP House
Ramona, CA
High-performance insulation system for enhanced quiet and comfort Comprehensive draft protection Fresh air system for cleaner indoor air High-efficiency comfort system Energy-efficient appliances and advanced lighting technology for energy and water savings (EDR-92) PHIUS+ US DOE ZERH Housing Innovation Awards - 2017 Winnerread more

Portland, OR
Seeking and achieved LEED Platinum Certification. SIPs were integral part of this due to energy efficiency! Also SIPs are ideal for timberframe more

Luxury SIP ApartmentsLuxury SIP Apartments
Palo Alto, CA
The project was developed and designed to provide a positive impact on residence health while promoting renewable, clean energy. The airtightness of continuous framing achieved with structural insulated panels is a significant benefit to the more

Multi-Use SIP Community CenterMulti-Use SIP Community Center
Los Banos, CA
10" SIP roof LEED Silver SIP roofs applied over steel moment framesread more

Net Positive SIP House and BarnNet Positive SIP House and Barn
Bellingham, WA
Beyond just Green Building, a positive-energy home not only produces 100% of the energy it needs for heat, lighting, and appliances but generates enough extra solar power to run an electric car thousands of miles a year! Amazing. NET-POSITIVE 10.56 kW Solar... read more

Net Positive SIP HouseNet Positive SIP House
Bellingham, WA
Install time is days, not weeks which equates to a reduction in framing and other trade more

Net Positive SIP HouseNet Positive SIP House
Ogden, UT
SIP save labor and time. We were able to set the walls in 6 hours and be ready for trusses the next day. The energy savings from nearly eliminating all thermal bridges and superior air sealing saved us a ton... read more

Net Positive SIP Treatment CenterNet Positive SIP Treatment Center
Davis, CA
The center was designed for sustainability, energy efficiency, and environmental design. The client aimed for Zero-Energy and sustainable design elements to gain LEED V$ for BD=C Platinum certification. In order to meet these goals, using SIPS was the only building... read more

Net Zero SIP HouseNet Zero SIP House
Coupeville, WA
Certified to DOE's Zero Energy Ready Home Program, meeting all requirements of ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Version 3.0 and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Indoor airPLUS as well as the hot water distribution requirements of the EPA's WaterSense program and... read more

Net Zero SIP HouseNet Zero SIP House
Park City, UT
NET-Zero energy 12" SIP walls, 12" SIP roof & additional 4" EPS insulation on walls and roof, 8" of EPS on foundation Awarded 2010 Green Builder Magazine Home of the year LEED Platinum Built to Passive Haus Institute standards, NAHB Emerald certified, & is... read more

Net Zero SIP House Port Hadlock WANet Zero SIP House Port Hadlock WA
Port Hadlock-Irondale, WA

Net Zero SIP HouseNet Zero SIP House
Yarrow Point, WA
Net-zero energy status 10" SIP walls & 10" SIP roof LEED Platinum Energy Star & Built Green Certified Photovoltaic System Panels had custom skins & splines Achieves net-zero energy status! 10K kWh annual usage with 8.6 KW PV array. 80K gallon rain water collection & Air... read more

Net-Zero Cascade SIP HouseNet-Zero Cascade SIP House
Bellingham, WA
This is the home of the future. Almost every detail is different. From the way the energy shell is constructed, to the comfort systems that keep your air healthy, and your home at a comfortable more

Net-Zero Ready ADU SIPNet-Zero Ready ADU SIP
Los Altos Hills, CA

Parkhill SIP HouseParkhill SIP House
Chelan, WA
This was a rebuild from the 2015 Wildfires & the owner Richard Parkhill was terminally ill so expediency was crucial so he could enjoy one more Lake Chelan Summer with his family. SIPs contributedto the speed of constructionand achieved energy... read more

Passive SIP ApartmentsPassive SIP Apartments
Seattle, WA
Apartment Building designed to use up to 90 percent less heating and cooling energy than standard buildings. The project is believed to be the first passive house apartment building in Washington State and demonstrates how high performance, sustainable living can... read more

Passive SIP House Port Towsend WAPassive SIP House Port Towsend WA
Port Townsend, WA
One of the only options for passive standard construction. More economical than OVE advanced framing more

Performing Arts SIP SchoolPerforming Arts SIP School
Parker, CO
K-8 Charter school with 900 students focused on performing arts was built with SIPs due speed of construction. Project was designed with SIPs because it has a very short build time and project team needed most efficient building methods. Panels... read more

Bellingham, WA
Exterior Wall: 6" SIP (GPS insulation) 2x6 service cavity + dense packed cellulose Floor: Slab on grade 4" EPS (fully insulated footings) Roof: 12" SIP (GPS insulation) 2x8 service cavity + fiberglass insulation Window Frame: HH windows- wood with aluminum cladding Window Glazing: Cardinal... read more

Bellingham, WA
Exterior Wall 6" SIP (GPS insulation) 2x6 service cavity + dense packed fiberglass Floor Slab on grade, 4" eps ins (fully insulated footings) Roof 12” SIP (GPS insulation) 2x8 service cavity + fiberglass insulation Window Frame HH WIndows- Wood + Aluminum Cladding Window Glazing Triple Cardinal (180-argon-clear-argon-180) Entrance Door HH Entry... read more

Palo Alto, CA
Exterior Wall: 2x6 SIP w/ 1.5" exterior EPS Floor: Basement slab over 2" EPS Roof: 10" SIP Window Frame: America Italiana, Wood Window Glazing: America Italiana, Triple pane Entrance Door: Sfera Group, triple pane, wood Ventilation: Zehnder Heating System: Daikin Altherma coupled with Messana ray magic radiant... read more

PHIUS SIP Mobile OfficePHIUS SIP Mobile Office
Bellingham, WA
Construction Type: Timber Exterior Wall: 6.5" SIP w/ GPS insulation. 1.5" service cavity w/ natural wool insulation Floor: 11.25 SIP w/ GPS Roof: 11.25 SIP w/ GPS. 1.5" service cavity w/ natural wool insulation Window Frame: Fiberglass Ventilation: Zehnder CA 200 Heating System: Electric resistance Air-tightness: 0.0088... read more

PHIUS SIP Office BuildingPHIUS SIP Office Building
Basalt, CO
The renowned energy-efficient Rocky Mountain Institute selected SIPs for its 2016 Innovation Center located high in the mountains of Basalt, Colorado. At almost 15.610 sq. ft., this building is net-zero, LEED Platinum and the largest Passive Certified structure in the... read more

Portable SIP ClassroomPortable SIP Classroom
Jasper, AB
Portable Classroom Prototype to provide an environmentally conscience alternative to traditional portable classroom structures. For future use, the prototype is able to transport easily on the roadway in two parts or all over the world. This collaboration was looking for... read more

Positive Energy SIP HousePositive Energy SIP House
Bellingham, WA
TCL coordinated all aspects of the project from design through construction and has developed a "positive energy" system that relies on the energy efficient components that SIP more

Renaissance SIP SchoolRenaissance SIP School
Castle Rock, CO
SIPs were chosen for energy efficiency for operational costs and for future academic curriculum. Social responsibility to choose products that are sustainable for the future of the students attending this more

Renovation SIP New GarageRenovation SIP New Garage
Chelan, WA
Roof & walls framed with SIPS helped achieve energy efficiency to take advantage of existing structure's mechanical systems. SIPs construction made the framing process extremely efficient, and allowed fast construction for a remodel that wanted to double the footprint while... read more

Retrofit Panel SIP HouseRetrofit Panel SIP House
Oak Harbor, WA
With retrofit insulated panels you can get a higher R-value and a quicker application than the alternatives. Also it is economical for both materials and labor. Combined with other improvements, including new windows, attic insulation, HVAC system and other... read more

Santa Claus SIP HouseSanta Claus SIP House
North Pole, AK
In the coldest parts of winter in Alaska, energy efficiency for reduced operating costs was key with this addition. Energy efficiency for harsh winters and reduced operating costs is key. The build time was also short in the summer so... read more

Semiahmoo Net Positive SIP HouseSemiahmoo Net Positive SIP House
Blaine, WA
Single Family Residential. Semiahmoo Net Positive is a "forever home" for a family retiring to the Pacific Northwest. Our clients were seeking a net zero home - one that would produce at least as much energy as it would more

SIP Accessory Dwelling UnitSIP Accessory Dwelling Unit
Seattle, WA
The cold, wet winters in the Seattle area dictate that homes must be well-insulated and stand up to the elements. The energy efficiency and tight building envelope that the SIPs panels provide were key in securing this job. Using SIPs... read more

SIP Airplane HangarSIP Airplane Hangar
Belgrade, MT
exceptional building energy performanceread more

SIP ApartmentsSIP Apartments
Longmont, CO
SIPs were chosen because the long term value. Now tenants pay $30/month to heat or cool the apartment regardless of season. The project was framed in 3 weeks. This greatly reduced the cost of labor for part of the project.... read more

SIP Building SupplySIP Building Supply
Chelan, WA
Lake Chelan Building Supply in Washington State burned to the ground in the 2015 during a devastating forest fire. The owners desired rebuilding the showroom with a smarter construction system to defend from future disasters. SIPs were chosen due... read more

SIP Campers CabinSIP Campers Cabin
La Honda, CA

SIP Casa San MiguelSIP Casa San Miguel
Phoenix, AZ
Time saving: All three structures for the project were constructed in 18 days. A small (3-6 people) framing crew with no prior experience with SIPS quickly learned how to assemble the panels. Less Waste: there was minimal waste by using SIPS,... read more

SIP Casita and ShopSIP Casita and Shop
Scottsdale, AZ

SIP Children CampSIP Children Camp
Mountain Center, CA
By utilizing both Premier SIP walls and roof, this project was able to obtain a tight building envelope to reach energy efficient and indoor quality more

SIP Christian Middle SchoolSIP Christian Middle School
Zuni, NM
New Mexico’s high-elevation desert climate with its extreme temperature swings throughout the day and across the seasons makes it essential to have a tight building shell to achieve energy efficiency,” says architect Larry Hibbard. “It was an important criteria... read more

SIP Circle F ResidenceSIP Circle F Residence
Bozeman, MT
"The use of Premier Panels is an easy way to have unlimited expression of creativity through out the design process. Our clients and con-tractors love that the fact much of the build process takes place at the SIPs factory making... read more

SIP City Hall Algona WASIP City Hall Algona WA
Auburn, WA
Energy efficiency for city responsbility, looking ahead to future operating costs. The city was operating out of a portable for two decades, saving and working towards this building which required extensive approvals and appropriation of more

SIP CottageSIP Cottage
Payson, AZ
Energy efficiency! Net energy is almost zero!read more

SIP Custom HouseSIP Custom House
Park City, UT

SIP Detached ADUSIP Detached ADU
Seattle, WA
We were able to construct a very energy efficient Detached ADU, perfect for our cold, wet Seattle more

SIP Dining HallSIP Dining Hall
Mountain Center, CA
SIP construction was a helpful aspect to the project due to the quick turn around for material and erection process. SIP system was also helpful in minimizing construction time, due to the integral insulation value provided within the wall /... read more

SIP Fire StationSIP Fire Station
Belgrade, MT
Speed of construction for faster occupation/facility use, and reduced operational more

SIP Health CenterSIP Health Center
Tok, AK
SIP saved time, energy, and created a very valuable tool for the assembly of the more

SIP House and GarageSIP House and Garage
Santa Rosa, CA
The owner wanted a sustainable energy efficient house and SIPs exceeded making this happen. The architect was also on board with the SIPS and helping to bring SIP construction into the more

SIP House and In-Law SuiteSIP House and In-Law Suite
Breckenridge, CO
Using SIPs for this project for the thermal efficiency and speed of construction. SIP construction rolled the framing, insulation and sheathing into a one-step installation phase, so the owner was pleased with how the system went up and was very... read more

SIP HouseSIP House
Asheville, NC
Energy Efficiency and air sealing: Builder provides higher than building code levels of insulation and industry leading levels of air sealing. Client wanted a modern style home with low energy bills and high comfort. (first time builder used SIPS)read more

SIP HouseSIP House
Avon, CO

SIP HouseSIP House
Ennis, MT
Features: 8-inch SIP walls 12-inch SIP roof with 4-inch thick retrofit insulated panels installed on top for additional insulation Insulated concrete form (ICF) basementread more

SIP HouseSIP House
Fort Collins, CO

SIP HouseSIP House
Jackson, WY
Speed of construction on challenging job site & high performance more

SIP HouseSIP House
Leavenworth, WA
Energy efficiency, healthy indoor air quality from large panels and reduced air infiltration (family has sensitivities to different building products, so they hired an indoor air quality expert to help select products. Report for this attached.) Speed of construction f... read more

SIP HouseSIP House
Ogallala, NE
SIPs is extremely energy saving and make the building very more

SIP HouseSIP House
Seattle, WA
Speed of construction & energy code more

SIP HouseSIP House
White Salmon, WA
This 3,600 square foot home encompasses one-floor living with a tower room for getting away and a garden level for guests. Natural material, intimate volumes, and local craftsmanship make living here easy. When the lot faces south and the view... read more

SIP Liquor StoreSIP Liquor Store
Bozeman, MT
Owner was looking for efficiency and speed of construction. Built with 6-inch SIPs SIPs greatly reduced construction time for retail locationread more

SIP Manchester HouseSIP Manchester House
Port Orchard, WA

SIP Metro Parks RecreationSIP Metro Parks Recreation
Bend, OR
Building green was a huge priority in the design and construction process. SIPs were a natural fit!read more

SIP Middle SchoolSIP Middle School
Kirkland, WA
“When you start looking at SIPs, you can’t look at just SIPs versus a conventional wall,” said Grant. “SIPs allow me to reduce structure, they allow me to avoid installing continuous rigid insulation on the exterior walls, and when you... read more

SIP Mini-Homes VillageSIP Mini-Homes Village
Eugene, OR
Ease of construction, overall cost effectiveness, great building envelope with substantial contributions to energy costs. The SIPs provide a superior insulated envelope, while windows bring in plenty of daylight – all helping to reduce energy usage.Landscaped swales allowed rainwater to... read more

SIP MultifamilySIP Multifamily
Las Vegas, NV
3 stories, 41, 150 sq. ft. 6-inch SIP walls SIP construction reduced cooling costs for building owner in hot Las Vegas climate Framing labor and construction waste disposal costs also reduced by building with SIPsread more

SIP Native American CenterSIP Native American Center
Missoula, MT
The University of Montana's LEED Certified Native American Center utilizes SIP walls and a dramatically curved SIP roof for energy savings and whole-building more

SIP OfficeSIP Office
Bethel, AK
To facilitate quality construction with this workforce, pre-fabricated building systems were extensively used and SIP played a major role in providing the unskilled laborers a way to construct the structural more

SIP Office BuildingSIP Office Building
Yakima, WA
LESS WASTE, LABOR & TIME: Because SIPS are fabricated specifically for the job in the manufacturing facility and due to the repetitive/simple structure, there was very little waste (both physical & labor/time) associated with the roof structure of this more

SIP PyramidSIP Pyramid
Ennis, MT
Time to erect the building was reduced more

SIP Residential DevelopmentSIP Residential Development
Alpine, CA
This project is just outside of San Diego and includes about 350 homes. The reason SIPs were used had more to do with speed of construction and was not so much about energy savings. In fact, they stick framed the... read more

SIP Resource CenterSIP Resource Center
Santa Cruz, CA
The project was qualifying for LEED credits .read more

SIP RestaurantSIP Restaurant
Cody, WY
Customer chose SIPs for the ease of construction and energy more

SIP Retirement CommunitySIP Retirement Community
Green Valley, AZ
SIp was selected due its better indoor air quality for aging more

SIP Riding ArenaSIP Riding Arena
Sonoma, CA
SIP construction help get this job done due its speed of construction & more

SIP ShowroomSIP Showroom
Belgrade, MT
Design flexibility (vaulted ceilings), energy efficiency for tight envelope that reduced building operational more

SIP Small CottageSIP Small Cottage
Seattle, WA
“We chose structural insulated panels (SIPs) for their excellent insulation values, airtightness, and ease of construction.”read more

SIP Small House Garage BusinessSIP Small House Garage Business
Anacortes, WA
The combination of SIPS walls with attic trusses allowed us the design flexibility to have a clear span over the garage, with living space more

SIP StorageSIP Storage
Nampa, ID

SIP Timber Frame HouseSIP Timber Frame House
Cle Elum, WA
SIPS were incorporated into the design and were mandated by the owner. Use of SIPS expedited the building process in an environment of short construction windows and challenging weather constraintread more

SIP Tiny House ADUSIP Tiny House ADU
Seattle, WA
SIP panels allowed us to build the DADU for substantially less than the quotes client received for traditional construction. Additionally, the SIP panels provided a much more energy-efficient structure, benefiting the homeowners for years to more

SIP TownhousesSIP Townhouses
Bothell, WA
Speed of construction, energy code requirements, saved time in bad weather, and provided energy efficient roof system w/o venting more

SIP Vacation HomeSIP Vacation Home
Idyllwild-Pine Cove, CA
The owner wanted to utilize green technologies whenever possible and still stay within a limited budget. The ongoing energy efficiency in both hot and cold times of the year was a key factor in the decision to use more

SIP Whiskey DistillerySIP Whiskey Distillery
Woodinville, WA
Features: 10-inch SIP roof panels. Consistent interior temperature from SIP building envelope helped with product regulation and quality control. SIPs help qualify for Washington State energy code requirements without excessive materials or labor. Plywood was laminated to the SIP roof panels to serve as... read more

SIP Wildlife Refuge ComplexSIP Wildlife Refuge Complex
Los Banos, CA
SIPs were selected as it can be help achieve less than zero energy and LEED Platinum more

SIP WinerySIP Winery
Walla Walla, WA
10" SIP floor & 10" SIP roof SIPS provide easy climate control for wine and case goods Build to Washington Green Standardsread more

SIP Zoo AquariumSIP Zoo Aquarium
Tacoma, WA
Climate controlled environments to support the large exhibit's habitats were required, which meant an efficient and stable indoor environment was required. The large tank exhibits also required huge spans of the roof to allow the massive tanks the space for... read more

Skokomish SIP Community CenterSkokomish SIP Community Center
Shelton, WA
The 22,000 sq. ft. center has a gymnasium, meeting hall, commercial kitchen, dining room, fitness center, computer lab and space for culture and art classes for the Skokomish Tribal more

Sloped Roof SIP HouseSloped Roof SIP House
Boise, ID
1. SIPs ensure higher standards of product despite labor shortage of experienced framers. 2. Lower assembly time of the roof system. 3. Ensure high energy standards are met due to the air tightness of the product. 4. Construction costs are... read more

Kerrville, TX
Energy efficiency for long term operating/energy cost reductionread more

Tiny SIP House ADUTiny SIP House ADU
Seattle, WA
Using SIPs on this project has provided ongoing energy savings for the more

Town Green SIP Community CenterTown Green SIP Community Center
Kenmore, WA
The building is the ‘living room’ for the city of Kenmore, WA. A year-round focal point for the city, the structure includes a partitioned, multi-use assembly space for public gatherings, music, lectures, after-school programs and dance classes and more

Zero Energy Hillside HouseZero Energy Hillside House
Oak Harbor, WA
"I did not know I could have all this, until my builder told me about it. My wants were simple; I wanted a home that would be more comfortable than my old one, all on one level, and use less... read more

Zero Energy Painted Hills HouseZero Energy Painted Hills House
Mitchell, OR
HERS Index -15 House powers itself and the occupant’s vehicle 6-inch SIP Walls and 12-inch SIP roof Emerald Level National Green Building Standard Certification Ductless mini-split heat pump Solar hot water heater Generates energy through photovoltaic systemread more

Zero Energy Ready SIP Above-Garage ADUZero Energy Ready SIP Above-Garage ADU
Coupeville, WA
• Layout: 1 bdrm, 1 bath, 2 fls, 694 ft2 • Climate: IECC 4C, marine • Completed: July 2020 • Category: Attached Housing • Annual... read more

Zero Energy Ready SIP HouseZero Energy Ready SIP House
Coupeville, WA
Energy-efficient Whidbey Island home built with SIPs to allow Zero Energy Ready designation from the U.S. Department of Energyread more

Zero Energy Ready SIP HouseZero Energy Ready SIP House
Oak Harbor, WA
Faster build time, tighter building envelope, better indoor air quality, better insulation values, vapor-proof (condensation-free) wall and roof more

Zero Energy Ready SIP Power HouseZero Energy Ready SIP Power House
Bellingham, WA
Project Data: • Name: Bellingham Power House • Location: Bellingham, WA • Layout: 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 floors • Conditioned Space: 2,781 ft2 • Climate Zone: IECC 4C, marine • Completion: March 2015 • Category: Custom Modeled Performance Data: • HERS Index: without PV 34, with PV -12 •... read more

Zero Energy Salish SIP HomesZero Energy Salish SIP Homes
Lopez Island, WA
Using SIPs to help get to zero energy use and reduced labor. Use of local materials such as trees removed from the site milled for siding. Rainwater catchment for irrigation. All Water Wise fixtures and energy efficient lighting. Passive solar... read more

Zero Energy SIP HouseZero Energy SIP House
Anacortes, WA
Single-family home, with mother-in-law suite on the main accessible level. SIP construction is one of the primary keys to our company's success in designing and building Zero-Energy more

Zero Energy SIP HouseZero Energy SIP House
Clinton, WA
Certified zero-energy-ready by the U.S. Department of Energy. Two story view more

Zero Energy SIP House Ellensberg WAZero Energy SIP House Ellensberg WA
Ellensburg, WA
The Client was going to build this himself and wanted the best energy efficiency and ease of more

Zero Energy SIP HouseZero Energy SIP House
Greenbank, WA
Zero Energy Ready SIP home as certified by U.S. Department of Energyread more

Zero Energy SIP HouseZero Energy SIP House
Seaside, CA
Clarum has used Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) in many of its homes to create high-performance building envelopes. With SIPs, it is much easier to reduce air leaks than with stick framing, since the panels are produced in a controlled setting... read more

Zero Energy SIP House WhitewebsZero Energy SIP House Whitewebs
Greenbank, WA
SIP home certified as Zero Energy Ready by the United States Department of more

Zero Energy SIP Montlake HouseZero Energy SIP Montlake House
Seattle, WA
Project Data: • Name: Montlake Modern • Location: Seattle, WA • Layout: 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 2 floors • Conditioned Space: 3,192 ft2 • Climate Zone: IECC 4C, Marine • Completion: May 2014 • Category: Custom Modeled Performance Data: • HERS Index: without PV 42, with PV -1 • Projected... read more

Zero Energy SIP Multifamily DIV IZero Energy SIP Multifamily DIV I
Sonora, CA
Speed of construction & high performance requirements, zero-energy mandate, wildlands-urban interface code. SIPS provide superior insulation and air-sealing, while eliminating the need to vent the attic, which is a big deal when it comes to the Wildlands-Urban Interface Code. Construction... read more

Zero Energy SIP Narrow HouseZero Energy SIP Narrow House
Seattle, WA
Using SIPs will help us achieve our goal to "be able to offset 100% or more of its usage with a roof-sized solar electric system"read more

Zero Energy Tiny SIP HouseZero Energy Tiny SIP House
Oak Harbor, WA
This home was designed with SIPS in mind; the heights of walls, pitch of the roof, and spans of roof SIPs were all optimized for passive solar gains, active PV system exposure and to fit within the parameters allowed by... read more

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