Builder Education

SIP Best Practices

Download these free quick reference guidelines for building with structural insulated panels.

Builder's Guide to SIPs

For more comprehensive description and dozens of illustrations, see the authoritative Builder's Guide to SIPs by building science expert Joseph Lstiburek – available through this website's store or on Amazon.

Building Education with SIPs Training (BEST)

SIPA's Building Education with SIPs Training is a FREE 10-hour series of online videos and tests offered through this website. The BEST program covers the basic principles and techniques to get started building with structural insulated panels. This is the first step to join a prestigious group of builders who are changing the landscape for high-performance, advanced building envelope construction. Click here to learn more and sign up for the full SIP training program.

Online Builder Training

In addition to the complete 10-unit BEST training program, SIPA offers the the following individual videos on specific SIP construction topics.

     Lesson 1 - Introduction to SIPs

     Lesson 2 - Basic SIP Design and Engineering

     Lesson 3 - SIP Order Process

     Lesson 4 - SIP Building Science

     Lesson 5 - SIP Layout Drawings

     Lesson 6 - SIP Site Planning and Coordination

     Lesson 7 - SIP Layout and Panel Installation

     Lesson 8 - Integrating Mechanical Systems with SIPs

     Lesson 9 - SIP Finish Materials and Detailing

     Lesson 10 - Common Objections for SIP Designs                                

SIPA Manufacturer Training

SIPA Manufacturing members provide a wide range of webinars, face-to-face and field training. Contact individual manufacturers using our SIPA Member Directory for more information on training opportunities.

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