Why Choosy Owners Choose SIPs

  • For the family: healthier air quality
  • For the wallet: energy savings throughout building life
  • For the planet:  more sustainable

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Consume Less, Save More

Heating and cooling account for 50% of energy use in the average home. Because of the airtight envelope, SIP buildings need less energy for heating and cooling the interior space. Owners save money while consuming fewer energy resources throughout the life of the building.

Breathe Easy

The fully enclosed SIP envelope means no air leakage. Outside contaminants are filtered to stay out, and moisture and mold have no space to grow. In addition, many owners comment on the quiet comfort of their SIP homes.

Healthier Homes with SIPs

Help the Planet

The benefits of SIP building versus traditional building are endless in terms of environmental impact. The airtight building envelope results in less energy consumption and reduced homeowner expense. The panels meet and exceed building standards while standing strong in hurricane, tornado and earthquake zones. Look through our Residential Projects for numerous examples of ENERGY STAR, LEED and Zero Energy Ready homes. When it comes to choosing a building material that benefits the environment today and in the future, SIPs are the natural choice.

SIP Sustainability

Compare Costs

SIP cost comparisons involve complex variables like lumber prices, lower heating costs during construction, and future energy costs. The industry consensus is that building with SIPs costs about the same as building with wood frame construction once labor savings and reduced jobsite waste are considered.  Other savings are realized because smaller heating and cooling systems are required with SIP construction.

Pick Your Design

These examples confirm that structural panels are attractive, effective solutions for all types of homes. See hundreds more at Residential SIP Projects.

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