Selling SIPs: Benefits and Common Objections

Are you a real estate professional or lender looking to better understand the benefits of SIPs? Find basic SIP information and marketplace reports below.

Do you need to convince someone that Structural Insulated Panels are the best choice for a specific building project? If cost is the issue, look through the various analyses comparing SIPs with traditional framing. SIP buildings often cost the same as traditional stick frame buildings, with the higher SIP material cost offset by labor savings. 

SIPs vs Stick Frame Cost Analyses

Common Objections - Short Videos

These Common Objection to SIP Design snippets support owners, designers and builders who find resistance from suppliers who are unfamiliar with SIPs. Click on the appropriate topic for a short video:

#1: Price
#2 Electrical
#3 Durability
#4 Fire
#5 Strength
#6 Termites & Carpenter Ants
#7 Noise & Acoustics
#8 Ease of Modification
#9 Design Flexibility
#10 Untrained Workforce
#11 Code Approval
#12 Building Better
#13 Mold and Moisture
#14 Never Too Tight

Real Estate Market Trends

Recent studies confirm these marketplace trends:

  • Energy use matters
  • Many homebuyers will pay more for a healthy, durable, sustainable home
  • More building codes and standards are referencing the carbon footprint of commercial structures
  • HIgh-performance building and zero-energy homes are growing exponentially

Here is a sampling of recent studies and reports on the green and sustainable building markets:

Click here for the latest Zero Energy Inventory of Commercial Buildings.

Technical Explanations for Realtors and Appraisers

Explore further for technical explanations of how SIPs deliver:

Building with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Building with SIPs - Part 1
Building with SIPs - Part 2

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