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This landing page is designed to simplify website navigation for Engineers and Architects. Whether you are looking for code reports, educational resources or structural insulated panel manufacturers, SIPA is your source for all phases of SIP building. Scroll down or check the menu at the left to find what you need. Structural insulated panels meet and exceed code requirements, withstand severe elements, and endure the tests of time.

SIP Thermal Performance

As you know, thermal performance relies on more than material R-value. When real world factors such as air infiltration, extreme temperatures and thermal bridging are present, field-installed fiberglass insulation can lose more than half its R-value.  Research has repeatedly shown that SIPs provide continuous insulation that will maintain its stated R-value for the life of the home and outperform fiberglass insulation every time.

Sustainably Designed

Breathe easy knowing SIPs provide the greatest sustainability portfolio in the insulation market. With SIPs you can design healthier, energy-efficient, resilient structures that will endure for future generations.

Structural Capabilities

SIP structures can satisfy code requirements in areas as stringent as California and Miami / Dade County. Extensive industry testing confirms that SIPs perform equivalent to conventional light frame shear walls for all seismic design categories. 

Net Zero and LEED Examples

Net-zero-ready and LEED-certified projects often use SIP building envelopes as their structural backbones. Check out the SIP Project Library and use the credential filters on the right to search by Zero Energy Ready Homes, LEED-certified, Passive Houses and much more. Click below for a few examples:

SIP Education Starts Here

SIPA provides updated evidence touting the benefits of SIPs and that requires a constant supply of design-related materials and resources. Fulfill your annual learning requirements with our AIA-accredited SIPA courses. All courses and brochures are available for easy download for leisure learning or they can be shared with clients shopping for a sustainable building option.

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