SIP vs Stick Frame Cost

These comparisons are for a point in time and float in accordance with volatile commodity pricing for the various raw materials and design specifics.

How much does a SIP building cost compared to a traditional stick frame building? There is no definitive answer. The increased raw material cost for structural insulated panels is generally offset by labor savings. Changing lumber prices, jobsite waste removal, callbacks and ongoing energy costs are just some of the additional variables that must be taken into account. Our SIP Project Profiles include many examples demonstrating that building with SIPs costs less than building with traditional stcik framing.

Remember that a home built with SIPs is a better, healthier, more energy-efficient home. Many owners willingly pay a bit more for the high performance and sustainability of SIPs.

SIPs vs Stick Frame Cost Analyses

The Proof is in the Savings

The SIPs True Value Bidding Tool helps demonstrate the added value of a SIP project with every lead that your business encounters. It’s an easy and free way to elaborate on the additional value included in a SIP structure that conveys more than energy performance – it demonstrates the true cost associated with project and the real savings in choosing SIPs.

Download the SIPs True Cost Bidding Tool

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