Building Codes and Standards

Structural insulated panel wall systems have been included in the International Residential Code (IRC) since 2007.  Inclusion in the IRC recognizes structural insulated panels as equal to other code-approved building systems. Section R610 of the IRC provides a Prescriptive Method that allows builders and design professionals using SIP walls in residential projects to show equivalency to the IRC without conducting or supplying additional engineering. SIP structures can be designed to meet building codes in areas as stringent as California and Miami / Dade County.

SIP Seismic Performance

See SIPA Technical Bulletin 11: Equivalency of SIP Walls to Light Frame Wood Construction Subjected to Seismic Loading. The bulletin demonstrates that SIPs perform equivalent to conventional light frame shear walls for all seismic design categories based on tests of a wide range of SIP aspect ratios and SIP assemblies.

The SIPA member ICC ESL-1360 Evaluation Service Listing illustrates SIPs have allowable in-plane shear wall loads for Seismic Zones A - F as tested by ASTME-2126-05 (Standard Test Methods for Cyclic Reversed Load Test for Shear Resistance of Vertical Elements of the Lateral Force Resisting Systems for Buildings). 

In addition to the Evaluation Reports listed below under Code Listings, Premier Building Systems manufacturer member publish Listing Reports specific to Seismic Categories D, E, and F:

SIP Fire Performance

For residential fire precautions and building code compliance with SIPs, refer to SIPA Technical Bulletin 2: Fire Safety with Structural Insulated Panel Construction.

The following Intertek listing shared by multiple SIPA manufacturers confirms a one-hour fire rating for specific SIP assemblies.  Other SIP manufacturers have proprietary fire test data.  Please contact individual manufacturers and consult the building code for fire requirements specific to your project.

Code Listings for SIPA Manufacturer Members

SIPA members provide recognition of compliance with the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) through evaluation reports typically issued by the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) and can also be accessed at SIPA members have access to the SIPA Master Code Report, a code listing shared by a group of SIPA member manufacturers. Click below to access code reports for individual SIPA manufacturers.

Green Building Standards

Airtightness and energy efficiency help SIPs meet the various sustainable building standards. Browse our Project Profiles for SIP building examples that satisfy LEED, ENERGY STAR, DoE Zero Energy Ready and more. Read how SIPs help meet ENERGY STAR and LEED certifications. Look below for more resources on building codes and standards.

Codes and Standards Reference Documents

Click here to purchase the International Residential Code (IRC) at the ICC Store.

Several SIPA manufacturer members have obtained Florida Building Code affirmations specific to construction in the state's high velocity hurricane zones.

  • SIPA Affirmation for Walls FL28131-R1 (ACME Panel Company, FischerSIPS and PorterCorp)
  • SIPA Affirmation for Roofs FL30056-R1 (ACME Panel Company, FischerSIPS and PorterCorp)
  • The Murus Company Affirmation for Walls FL10290-R1
  • The Murus Company Affirmation for Roofs FL10449-R1

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