Remote Alaska SIP School Tuntutuliak AK

Location: Tuntutuliak, AK

Project Information

Project Type: Commercial, Other Commercial
Manufacturer: Premier Building Systems
Builder: ASRC SKW Eskimos, Inc
Design Professional: BDS Architects
Year Built: 2021


High Performance: No
HERS/EUI Index Score:
ACH50 - Blower Test Results:
CO2 lbs./sq.ft./year:

Building use:
K-12 School, mechanical and utility building, and Community gathering place.

SIP benefits for this job:
SIP construction was specified by the Owner and Design team.

SIP wall thickness: 8-1/8"     Core: Type I EPS    SKIN: 7/16" OSB
SIP roof thickness: 12-1/8"     Core: Type I EPS    SKIN: 7/16" OSB

Comments on labor saving, construction time, construction costs and energy savings:
SIPs helped save in shipping costs to the remote site of Tuntutuliak, AK. Due to the composite structure of SIPs they saved time on installation as well as saving space at the limited material staging location.

Innovative design elements:
This project included a 6' tall 7,200 SF floor utilidor below of structure to house building water, waste, and glycol heat trace. The SIP utilidor surface area total was 15,177 SF and was lined with ice and water shield and sheathed with 24ga sheet metal. The space was conditioned with fin tubes and lighting provided by LEDs throughout.

HVAC consists of a glycol heating system powered by three 837MBH boilers. Two each HRV's and AHU's were installed to service separate areas of the school (one set in the new addition, one set in the renovated area). Glycol heat trace lines were run throughout the building utilidor and arctic pipe that services adjacent teacher housing and mechanical buildings to prevent pipes from freezing.

Additional comments:
This building design used passive thermosyphons at the newly installed pile to assist with ground freeze back and frost jacking. SIPs were also used as the floor assembly on steel framed structure to help create a fully sealed and insulated envelope. Project was completed Fall 2021.


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