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Let's Talk Technical
Allow Building Science to be the Evidence You Need - #SwitchtoSIPs When you claim to have a superior product, providing evidence is a requirement. The studies and experiments conducted with SIPs continue to...
Published on Feb 8, 2021.

SIPA’s Educational Videos – Remastered and Refreshed for a New Year
SIPA understands the need for modern, cutting-edge products – with insulation and SIP resources alike. In 2021, we are injecting high-definition quality into our BEST program’s 10 videos to ensure SIP design...
Published on Jan 15, 2021.

SIP Educational Training and Resources
SIPA Resources, SIPs Resources, structural insulation brochures, structural insulation education
Published on Dec 18, 2020.

What it means to be a ‘Zero Energy Ready Home’ – Long Island SIP home case study
HERS = -22, Long Island SIP home, P3 Building Group, Shauna McManus, Zero Energy Ready Home, Emerald NGBS
Published on Nov 25, 2020.

SIPs in Walls & Ceilings Magazine
SIPs in Walls & Ceilings Magazine, SIPs, SIPA, Healthy Buildings
Published on Sep 9, 2020.

Unique Rooftop Home Takes Top SIP Building Award
This year's top Structural Insulated Panel building award goes to a residential loft in Minneapolis. Energy-efficient SIPs allowed a low 32 HERS rating substantiated by blower door test results of 0.80 ACH50. Panels were provided by Energy Panel Structures.
Published on Jul 22, 2020.

Architecture 2030 UPDATE
Architecture 2030, 2030 Update, Building Industry
Published on Jul 9, 2020.

HUD Secretary Talks SIPs
HUD, Ben Carson, SIPs, SIPA, IBS
Published on Jul 9, 2020.

Resilient, Self-Sufficient Mountain Project with SIPs
SIPs form the backbone of the high-performance VISION House at 10,400 ft altitude in the Colorado mountains.
Published on Jun 10, 2020.

April 15 Webinar for Credit - Demystifying Zero
DoE expert Sam Rashkin hosts a webinar taking the mystery out of zero net energy buildings.
Published on Apr 11, 2020.


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