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    Commercial Design with Structural Insulated Panels

NEW for Designers & Builders

These documents were created specifically for builders and designers by the manufacturing members of the Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA). They highlight important considerations during the design and construction phases of a structural insulated panel (SIP) structure. Click on the image above to begin your FREE download.

Find SIPs in Your Area

Have an upcoming SIP project? We'd love to hear from you.  Click on the image above and fill out the online form as completely as possible and you will be contacted by SIPA members in your area.  Enter our SIPA Member Directory and find someone to help you with your structural insulated panel needs.

What Are SIPs?

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are high performance building panels used in floors, walls, and roofs for residential and light commercial buildings.  Click on the image above and learn more about SIPs and their many applications.

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