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Renovations SIP Project Winners

Opera House SIP Roof RenovationOpera House SIP Roof Renovation
Watertown, SD
Enercept SIPs' part in this renovation was a total roof replacement. Enclosing the roof as quickly as possible was critical. The design team and owners liked the idea of a system build approach. Also, the longer span rating with TGI at 2' o.c. made SIPs the preferred method of building. The speed of assembly shortened the time of exposure to the elements. They were able to make internal repairs sooner to a building that had been damaged by leaks from the previous roof.

Renovations SIP Project Case Studies

Retrofit Panel SIP HouseRetrofit Panel SIP House
Oak Harbor, WA
With retrofit insulated panels you can get a higher R-value and a quicker application than the alternatives. Also it is economical for both materials and labor. Combined with other improvements, including new windows, attic insulation, HVAC system and other air sealing measures, the renovation was able to reduce the home’s annual heating cost by 83.5 percent.

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