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Affordable SIP Apartments St. Peter MNAffordable SIP Apartments St. Peter MN
Saint Peter, MN
SIPs help make rental housing affordable for low income residents by lowering utility costs in this Minnesota multifamily housing more

Affordable SIP HouseAffordable SIP House
Springfield, OH
Energy Efficiency, Product Durability and Innovation were key to select SIPsread more

Affordable SIP HouseAffordable SIP House
Bayfield, WI
SIP's allowed us to build the structure faster than would otherwise have been possible. The energy efficient aspects of the SIP's were also a positive consideration. Speed of construction was important because the retreat center was operational while... read more

Affordable SIP HouseAffordable SIP House
Des Moines, IA
SIP construction substantially brought the cost down. Also, allowed the framing sub to complete the homes on more

Auto Center SIP RetrofitAuto Center SIP Retrofit
Storm Lake, IA
SIP helped to increase the thermal efficiency of the building without disturbing the interior, and at the same time, providing a base to fasten the architectural metal panels specified for more

Bryant SIP Residential LoftBryant SIP Residential Loft
Minneapolis, MN
ShaneCon Construction had previous experience with SIP construction and was valuable in the owner's decision making process. With this project being an addition as 4th level to an existing 3 story masonry building, SIP panels allowed reduced crane time and... read more

Church SIP RenovationChurch SIP Renovation
Rochester, MN
SIPs walls were panelized for easy installation as well as speed of construction, also by using SIPs they were able to enclose the roof area much faster, help the congregation achieve a vaulted and well insulated ceiling for less than... read more

Cold Storage SIP ShopCold Storage SIP Shop
Frost, MN
SIP was chosen due its energy efficiency and labor more

Comfortable SIP HouseComfortable SIP House
Montgomery, MN
SIPs was selected due its energy efficiency and decrease in off gassing, labor savings and enclosure time to get the building weather more

Creekside SIP HouseCreekside SIP House
Grand Marais, MN
SIP construction in adverse conditions saves time and labor costs. Energy savings is evident with blower door testing and analysis. Site installed insulations, from dense pack cellulose to spray foam have a human element which needs to be inspected during... read more

Energy Efficient Green FacilityEnergy Efficient Green Facility
Virginia, MN
Natural Harvest Co-op was looking to build an energy efficient, green facility. The project was projected to start in October, and the shell of the building had to go up in a hurry to get the building enclosed before Minnesota... read more

Energy Efficient SIP HouseEnergy Efficient SIP House
Evergreen, CO
SIPs is energy efficient and provide a comfortable living more

Energy Efficient SIP HouseEnergy Efficient SIP House
Parkersburg, IA
SIPs offered the most logical answers for customer energy efficiency more

Energy Efficient SIP House Rush Lake MNEnergy Efficient SIP House Rush Lake MN
Rush City, MN
SIPs is very energy efficient and is able to achieve owners wish for a better environment friendly more

Energy Efficient SIP HouseEnergy Efficient SIP House
Sioux Falls, SD
SIP construction is quicker, straighter, more resistant to air infiltration, use of EPS "Panels Past" feature as well insulated floor system and more energy efficient. All of stated benefits achieved all goals in building more

Cambridge, WI
Speed setting of the walls compared to stick build. Homes that are built with SIPs enjoy the quietness and healthiness of the end more

Energy Star SIP HouseEnergy Star SIP House
Des Moines, IA
SIPs construction substantially brought cost down. HVAC equipment was downsized, Geothermal well was eliminated and fresh air intake in lieu of, eliminated the manually installed exterior wall insulation and associated air sealing issues. Better energy savings projections were able to... read more

Falcon Heights, MN

Dows, IA
6" SIP walls and partial 10" SIP roof HERS Index 32 0.75 ACH50 Geothermal heat pump Energy Star Qualified Spray foam used on roof 2" XPS Insulation on basement walls Salvaged interior doors and stained glassread more

Lake Park, IA
SIPs provided energy more

Madison, WI
We had built two houses in 2019 for this owner, a happy returning customer. SIPs were chosen due to our track record on energy levels and blower door numbers on previous houses that we have built with SIPs. Quietness and... read more

Madrid, IA
SIPs is Energy Efficient and helped save in time and labor of more

Oelwein, IA
SIPs were used because of the energy efficiencyread more

Fort Calhoun, NE
SIP helped project achievements such as lower air infiltration, quick install, reduced call backs, easy of siding drywall and air more

Energy Star SIP HouseEnergy Star SIP House
Orange City, IA

Perham, MN
SIPs provided energy efficiency for this projectread more

Poynette, WI
This project was started and built throughout the winter months. Kept construction costs down. speed of putting together compared to stick framing. Our track record on energy levels and blower door numbers on previous houses that we have built with... read more

Roseville, MN
SIPs has great quality and it is energy more

Ames, IA
SIPs are the most energy efficient more

Energy Star SIP HouseEnergy Star SIP House
Sun Prairie, WI

Winchester, IL
SIPs is energy efficientread more

Parkville, MO
SIPS was selected due its quicker construction, better energy efficiency and tax more

Energy-Efficient SIP HouseEnergy-Efficient SIP House
Maple Lake, MN
The Johnson's wanted to build an energy efficient home. They were considering building with ICF's, but were having a difficult time finding a builder that could do a build with ICF's that would fit their budget. We were able to... read more

Erickson SIP HouseErickson SIP House
Scandia, MN
Pre-engineering is great. Ease of installation, air tightness, less sealing than conventional framing As a homeowner building his own home, pre-built panels are great. Saved time. Energy efficiency as well as air tightness were contributing more

Geothermal SIP HouseGeothermal SIP House
Sidney, NE
SIPs value added to the properties are such as: Indoor Air Quality, Energy Efficiency and Air Sealing (Tightness)read more

Hartert SIP HouseHartert SIP House
Wabasha, MN
SIP panels helped save time and more

High Performance SIP HouseHigh Performance SIP House
Lisbon, WI
SIPs were used on this job due to our track record on energy levels and blower door numbers on previous houses we have built using SIPs. Quietness and healthiness of the finished product. This house was framed during the winter... read more

High Performance SIP HouseHigh Performance SIP House
Omaha, NE
We wanted a home that would be energy efficient and SIPs made this possible. Using SIPs helped save time, labor, construction costs and more

High Performance SIP HouseHigh Performance SIP House
Sioux Rapids, IA
Many aspects of this energy-efficient, low-HERS-rated project were designed as the construction progressed. The screened-in porch and landscaping were finished in the more

High Performance SIP HouseHigh Performance SIP House
Tofte, MN
I've been a believer in SIPs since being introduced to them. The pre-engineering is great. Ease of installation, air tightness, less sealing that conventional framing saves times, and the roof panels enabled this project to get closed in faster. There... read more

High Performance SIP Vacation HouseHigh Performance SIP Vacation House
Grand Marais, MN
SIPs was an easy choice because its simple to erect, and ensures a quiet residence with neighbors and streets close by, The panels were able to be engineered as to allow great views of Lake Superior while painting a... read more

Hollabaugh SIP HouseHollabaugh SIP House
Grand Marais, MN
Primary residence set in the beautiful woods of Grand Marais, Minnesota. We are finding the SIP construction to be superior to any home we have owned. The ease of erecting the SIPs proved helpful when the construction of our... read more

JoJo's SIP RestaurantJoJo's SIP Restaurant
Aurora, NE
Looking for the best energy efficiency and ways to get a more open look in the ceilingread more

LED Lighting SIP HouseLED Lighting SIP House
Sioux Falls, SD
SIP construction helped achieve goals due its Panels Efficiency, quicker installation with fewer call bakcs and better indoor air more

LEED Platinum SIP HouseLEED Platinum SIP House
Grand Forks, ND
This SIP home was the first certified LEED Platinum residence in North or South more

LEED SIP House LaBelle FLLEED SIP House LaBelle FL
Fort Denaud, FL
The energy savings, speed of construction, wind ratings we achieved for Florida, and the quiet interior it provides, plus the green more

Meyers SIP HouseMeyers SIP House
Peculiar, MO

Miller SIP CabinMiller SIP Cabin
Ely, MN
Saved time and labor and due to location of the house, SIPs allowed the build area to be smaller. Vaulted roof with SIPs and beams. Electric Boiler on dual fuel with propane backup, No AC (don't need), Air exchangerread more

Modular Net Zero SIP HouseModular Net Zero SIP House
Geneva, NY
SIP construction helped Solar Home Factory produce modular net zero solar powered more

Mohs SIP Offices and ShopMohs SIP Offices and Shop
Owatonna, MN
When we decided to build our new office building and shop space, we knew we needed to get in touch with Energy Panel Structures to help us engineer the new structure. We have purchased and installed SIP panels for... read more

Ness SIP HouseNess SIP House
Pine Island, MN
SIPs were selected for energy-efficiency plus speed of construction. We saved time and labor and SIPs helped get the basement done more

Net Zero Ready SIP HouseNet Zero Ready SIP House
Willernie, MN
SIPs helped us achieve our end goal of energy more

Northern Sky SIP DairyNorthern Sky SIP Dairy
Ortley, SD
Speed of construction, strength, energy efficiency and FRP on the panel to achieve a USDA compatible more

Parkvue SIP ClubhouseParkvue SIP Clubhouse
Burnsville, MN
It saved construction installation time, and it is saving the owner money in energy costs. The open web timber trusses help to provide a very pleasing open and comfortable yet aesthetically appealing space. The SIP panels help this open truss... read more

Plattner SIP Farm Shop Grand Pass MOPlattner SIP Farm Shop Grand Pass MO
Malta Bend, MO
A Missouri farm owner builds an energy-efficient shop, office and storage building using SIPs and radiant more

Popeye's SIP RestaurantPopeye's SIP Restaurant
Janesville, WI
Speed of installation and OSB on the inside wallsread more

Schultes SIP LodgeSchultes SIP Lodge
Glidden, IA
Weekend and Event Lodge located on 176 acres of rolling Iowa landscape with wooded and grass areas. Ideal for hunting deer and pheasants and observing Iowa wildlife. SIPs chosen for energy efficiency and to attain the full vaulted interior. The... read more

Senior Living SIP BuildingSenior Living SIP Building
Elk River, MN
SIPs have become a staple part of our buildings. By using SIPs we have a better return on our investment, These are the main contributing reasons that we use the panels. SIPs have great results in energy efficiency as well... read more

SIP AdditionSIP Addition
Sioux City, IA
Homeowner was looking for a high energy efficiency more

SIP Agricultural & Motorsports MuseumSIP Agricultural & Motorsports Museum
Algona, IA
SIP panels are faster to erect that conventional framing, allowing panels to be set in less time and the wall is already more

SIP ApartmentsSIP Apartments
Worthington, MN

SIP Assisted LivingSIP Assisted Living
Mounds View, MN
Building efficiency savings in labor and more

SIP Bar and GrillSIP Bar and Grill
Riceville, IA
Energy efficiency was a big factor. The owner wanted to do as much as was feasible up front to help keep the operational costs as low as possible. SIP construction also offered time savings that were important in meeting completion... read more

SIP Barn HouseSIP Barn House
Shirley, IL
Potential energy savings was one of the main key for SIPs more

SIP BarnSIP Barn
Ruthven, IA
Saved labor and time more

SIP CabinSIP Cabin
Red Mountain, CO
Challenging terrain and location made SIPs the right choice for construction. SIP floor installed on steel piers and more

SIP Car WashSIP Car Wash
Sioux City, IA
SIPs eliminated time and labor need for multiple application of framing, insulating, and sheathing. SIPs ceiling pop-up panels with the FRP already laminated to CCX panel skin eliminated the need for any additional ceiling finish material system or any additional... read more

SIP Cattle BarnSIP Cattle Barn
Spencer, IA
Saved in labor and time costs + energy more

SIP Community ChurchSIP Community Church
Owatonna, MN
SIPs is east to install and time and energy more

SIP Country BarnSIP Country Barn
Honey Creek, IA

SIP DealershipSIP Dealership
Mankato, MN

SIP Duplex HouseSIP Duplex House
Iowa City, IA
SIP construction was the only option that would meet owner's standardsread more

SIP Engine Rebuild FacilitySIP Engine Rebuild Facility
Clayton, KS
Easy of Construction and energy savings were the main factor for selecting SIPsread more

SIP Farm KitchenSIP Farm Kitchen
Kansas City, MO
Reduced Material and Labor Cost, Superior Performance to meet Passive House Standard, Integrated engineering design of roof trusses and SIP Roof more

SIP Farm OfficeSIP Farm Office
Chatsworth, IL
Energy-efficiency, time and Labor savings is the key word for SIPsread more

SIP Farm Office Cold StorageSIP Farm Office Cold Storage
Northfield, MN
Energy Efficiency was the focal point for selecting more

SIP Farm ShedSIP Farm Shed
Faribault, MN

SIP Farm Shop and StorageSIP Farm Shop and Storage
Sibley, IA
SIPs gave significant energy savings over typical agricultural shop construction. Panels are 18’ tall, 8” thick plywood-faced SIP walls and radiant heating with modulating more

SIP Farm ShopSIP Farm Shop
Hickman, NE
SIPs were selected due its efficiency heating and cooling, also saving time to erect andread more

SIP Farm ShopSIP Farm Shop
Inwood, IA
SIPs offered R-Value and energy efficient of buildingread more

SIP Farm ShopSIP Farm Shop
Welch, MN
SIP saved labor and energy costs, which was a major factor more

SIP FirestationSIP Firestation
Lewisville, MN
Small Town Firestation that wanted to keep operating costs down and with SIP panels they were able to do this. Also by doing panels, construction speed up and allowed the usage of the building faster. SIPs helped to sabe... read more

SIP Grocery Store and ApartmentsSIP Grocery Store and Apartments
Minneapolis, MN
Inner city grocery with apartments on 2nd floor 6-inch SIP walls Monthly energy costs 15% lower Anderson 100 series windows U-factor 0.29 75% FSC certified wood products Recycled 70% construction wasteread more

SIP Halfway HouseSIP Halfway House
Duluth, MN
Describe the end use of the building: 40 bed treatment facility to help people affected by chemical dependency and alcoholism. How did SIP construction help you get this job? With Winter build, having panels built in controlled environment helped greatly in... read more

SIP Health Care FacilitySIP Health Care Facility
Morton, MN
Saved labor and time,read more

SIP Home and ShopSIP Home and Shop
Winsted, MN
Saved labor, allowed move in to be sooner, dried in faster. Less waste on jobsite, First SIP project for this crew, they really enjoyed working with the more

SIP House AdditionSIP House Addition
Bricelyn, MN
SIPs were selected due its efficiency and strengths of the more

Redwood City, CA

SIP House and ADUSIP House and ADU
Minneapolis, MN
The end use of the construction is to be a residential living and accessory dwelling unit. By using SIPs, walls were panelized for easy installation, durability, and speed of construction. SIPs saved time and lowered energy and labor costs. The... read more

SIP House Lutsen MNSIP House Lutsen MN
Tofte, MN
SIPs save hours of framing labor and are very energy more

SIP HouseSIP House
Red Mountain, CO
By using SIPs walls we panelized for easy installation as well as speed of construction. This area has a very limited time to build due to more

SIP HouseSIP House
South Haven, MN
SIPs were easy to install for a crew that was doing their first install of SIPs. It did save time and lessen the waste on the jobsite. It will save energy and provide an environment that is healthy,... read more

SIP House St. Paul MNSIP House St. Paul MN
Saint Paul, MN
The client has a sensitivity to allergies and SIP panels were ideal to keep the home airtight. SIP panels saved on labor cost, construction time and we have a very tight more

SIP Lake HouseSIP Lake House
Marion, IL

SIP Machine ShopSIP Machine Shop
Peterson, IA
SIPs was chosen as it is a more energy-efficient building more

SIP Mechanic Farm ShopSIP Mechanic Farm Shop
Melvin, IL
Engineered building system, strong custom referrals for EPS SIP systems for agricultural projects, product durability and energy savings. 8" SIP walls, 22" tall SIP walls, Insulated exterior doors, Vinyl windows, 29 gauge zinc-coated galvanized steel more

SIP Medical BuildingSIP Medical Building
Inver Grove Heights, MN
A 3,050 sq. ft. chiropractic and wellness more

SIP Middle SchoolSIP Middle School
Charles City, IA

SIP Middle SchoolSIP Middle School
East Moline, IL
“We looked at metal studs and it came back more than we wanted to spend, more than SIPs,” said Maynerich. “SIPs gave us more than adequate R-value to meet the insulation requirements in the walls and roof.”read more

SIP Motel Greenburg KSSIP Motel Greenburg KS
Greensburg, KS
SIPs was selected due its energy more

SIP MultifamilySIP Multifamily
Spirit Lake, IA
SIPs installed directly off the truck SIPs reduced construction time Used ¾” skin SIPs on ground floorread more

SIP Office and Maintenance FacilitySIP Office and Maintenance Facility
Iowa City, IA
Energy efficiency, low maintenance, clean-up time and durability were the main key for SIPs more

SIP Office BuildingSIP Office Building
Sioux Falls, SD
SIP was chosen to meet engineering Criteria for Spans and efficiency of structure,read more

SIP Office Operations CenterSIP Office Operations Center
Derry, NH
SIPs construct a highly energy-efficient building. When considering all the steps needed to be taken with conventional framing, North Point estimates SIPs reduced the erection labor of the building by 35% compared to traditional stick framing/installation and sheathing. North Point... read more

SIP Office ShopSIP Office Shop
Spirit Lake, IA

SIP OfficesSIP Offices
Fargo, ND
Speed of construction and energy efficiencyread more

Sip Optimized LivingSip Optimized Living
Minneapolis, MN
SIP saved in labor and time of construction, as well in energy-efficiency and easy to more

SIP Park CottagesSIP Park Cottages
Storm Lake, IA
Sunrise Park selected SIPs, from EPS, as the most competitive and energy efficient product for a proposed green more

SIP Park Operations BuildingSIP Park Operations Building
Eagan, MN
Preengineering, less jobsite waste. durabilty. Neopor foam cores lower the carbon more

SIP Pizza RestaurantSIP Pizza Restaurant
Storm Lake, IA
Features: 6-inch SIP walls SIPs reduced the cost of temporary heat during winter construction SIP parapet walls created an airtight seal at wall-to-roof connection Interior and exterior LED lighting Energy-efficient HVAC and water heatingread more

SIP Processing & Event CateringSIP Processing & Event Catering
Riceville, IA
SIPs was selected as it made possible a faster completion time frame, long term saving from increased energy more

SIP Railroad Museum and History CenterSIP Railroad Museum and History Center
Boone, IA
The construction type allowed for fast construction and the energy savings were economical, therefore SIPs panels allowed the saving of labor, time and more

SIP Ranger StationSIP Ranger Station
Payson, AZ
SIPs saved time and labor. AC is a major concern in Arizona and SIPs will help lower the energy costs. Jumbo panels (8’ x 24’) helped with the roof more

SIP Research and Teaching CenterSIP Research and Teaching Center
Lansing, MI
Poultry research and teaching center 6-inch SIPs with CCX plywood and FRP on interior Climate control leads to healthier poultry and reduced utility costs FRP-lined SIPs casler to clean LED and CFL lightingread more

SIP Research FacilitySIP Research Facility
Urbana, IL
Five 40’ x 168’ buildings 6” SIP walls with plywood and FRP for easy washing Provides controlled environmentread more

SIP Retrofit ChurchSIP Retrofit Church
Webster City, IA
SIp helped with less construction time and lower labor costs; Also lower utility costs is more

SIP Sales OfficeSIP Sales Office
Hutchinson, KS
SIP stood out as being innovative, energy efficient and more

SIP Senior Living Facility Mahtomedi MNSIP Senior Living Facility Mahtomedi MN
Saint Paul, MN
SIPs provide structure and insulation in a single, prefabricated building component. Coventry’s 6-inch SIP walls and 10-inch SIP roof deliver continuous insulation, without the thermal bridging common in wood frame more

SIP Senior Living Facility Minneapolis MNSIP Senior Living Facility Minneapolis MN
Saint Paul, MN
The decision to build with SIPs sped up the construction process and reduced operating costs for building owner Coventry Senior Living. With two SIP projects now under his belt, Greg Johnson intends to keep replicating the success the company has... read more

SIP Senior Living St. Paul MNSIP Senior Living St. Paul MN
Saint Paul, MN
We were able to reduce the construction time considerably by utilizing the SIP's. As well as savings in the future for heating and cooling the structure versus the costs that would be incurred in heating and cooling a traditional stick-built... read more

SIP Shop & OfficeSIP Shop & Office
Oronoco, MN
Timeline to build was tight due to a fall start. With the SIP panels, we were able to construct the building faster and keep our winter heating cost lower due to the insulated panels. This allowed the subs to start... read more

SIP ShopSIP Shop
Friedheim, MO
The project was presented to the owner with the conceptual idea of using Structural Insulated Panels. The energy savings, long term durability and cost effective design that come from the building peaked the owner's interest. The construction type allowed for... read more

SIP ShopSIP Shop
Ortley, SD
Farm shop and offices. Speed of construction and energy efficiencyread more

SIP ShouseSIP Shouse
Big Lake, MN
Building with SIP achieved efficiency and energy cost more

SIP ShouseSIP Shouse
Hastings, NE
Saved on construction time but energy savings are huge!read more

SIP Show Building DuQuoin ILSIP Show Building DuQuoin IL
Du Quoin, IL
SIP helped the construction to be erected quicklyread more

SIP Show BuildingSIP Show Building
Grand Island, NE
Show Building for Energy Panel Structures for the Husker Harvest Days Farm Show in Grand Island NE. They choose SIP due its speed of construction and energy efficiency, featuring 6-inches expanded polystyrene wall F-26 and R33 8-inches roof thickness. With... read more

SIP Storage and ShopSIP Storage and Shop
Derby, KS
Agricultural storage, shop and hobby shop 8-inch SIP walls Hay loft door 12-inch curb around perimeter of foundationread more

SIP Storage and WorkshopSIP Storage and Workshop
Manchester, IA
SIPs helped with energy more

SIP Strip MallSIP Strip Mall
Kenmare, ND
The energy efficiency and speed of construction, both played into the decision. 6-inch SIP walls with ¾-inch OSB facings 10-inch SIP roof with fire-treated OSB Time and labor savings significantly shortened construction time SIP building envelope allowed for smaller HVAC systemread more

SIP Student HousingSIP Student Housing
Minneapolis, MN
11,066 sq. ft. apartment/student housingread more

SIP StudioSIP Studio
Minneapolis, MN

SIP TheaterSIP Theater
Okoboji, IA
Using SIP construction offered the ability to achieve the desired architectural design while maintaining the energy efficiency, long term durability, and speed of construction under a very tight build time more

SIP Ticket Booth Shapokee MNSIP Ticket Booth Shapokee MN
Shakopee, MN
Energy efficiency, sound deadening, needed vaulted insulated roof with possibility of finished material fastened to bottom faster construction time. SIP provided all we asked. It also saved labor, put over exposed beams, was the fastest way to install insulated roof... read more

SIP TownhousesSIP Townhouses
Storm Lake, IA
By building with SIPs, we were able to save the end user energy costs over the life of the structure. Saved time, labor and energy over the life of the more

SIP Truck ShopSIP Truck Shop
Jackson, MN
SIP saved labor, closed up faster for winter more

SIP WinerySIP Winery
Lutsen, MN

Solace SIP Apartments St. Peter MNSolace SIP Apartments St. Peter MN
Saint Peter, MN
In construction of affordable housing we need to look at long term savings not just upfront costs. Affordable is for the life of the more

Springman Lake SIP ResidenceSpringman Lake SIP Residence
Okoboji, IA
Energy efficiency and design flexibility helped with the job acquisition. However, the speed and accuracy that SIPs allowed for in such a tight job site, was the biggest factor in landing the more

Store and Office SIP BuildingStore and Office SIP Building
Urbandale, IA
Isaac Tessmer, Blue Ribbon Builders: "The use of SIPs provided thermal efficiency with a -estructure which was was attractive to the owner in reducing overall costs of the project while lessening future energy consumption."read more

Sustainable SIP Rental House Cuyuna MNSustainable SIP Rental House Cuyuna MN
Deerwood, MN
SIPs enabled this project to save cycle time and reduced onsite waste. Also we were able to use a plywood interior as a skin and interior finish. With reduced build time the home was able to be rented... read more

Taco John's SIP RestaurantTaco John's SIP Restaurant
Little Canada, MN
This was a project that required efficiency in long term energy costs and reduced construction labor and material costs. The use of SIPs achieved all objectives and more, including ease of installation and speedy overall construction time. Using SIPs facilitated... read more

Van Scoy SIP HouseVan Scoy SIP House
Waverly, NE
Why SIPS? -- Quick enclosure time, energy efficiency for long more

Ward SIP HouseWard SIP House
Sioux Falls, SD
SIP created a more efficient wall and roof more

Workshop and Training SIP FacilityWorkshop and Training SIP Facility
Shakopee, MN
SIP provided quicker erection of building and lower temporary costs for heating during winter construction. Also it saved time and labor more

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