SIP House Red Mountain CO

Location: Red Mountain, CO

Project Information

Project Type: Residential, < 3,000 sq. ft.
Manufacturer: Energy Panel Structures
Builder: Edwards Manufacturing
Design Professional: Edwards Manufacturing
Year Built: 2016


High Performance: No
HERS/EUI Index Score:
ACH50 - Blower Test Results:
CO2 lbs./sq.ft./year:

By using SIPs walls we panelized for easy installation as well as speed of construction. This area has a very limited time to build due to weather.

  • SIP wall thickness and core material: Wall = 6" EPS    Floor = 10" EPS
  • SIP roof thickness and core material: Roof = 10" EPS

SIPs saved time and labor, with passive solar and solar panels allowing lower energy costs. Steel framed structure with SIPs secured to the exterior.Walls R-26 Roof and floor R-40. Solar panels were installed on the project. This was a project that needed to be efficient in both energy labor and material. This was achieved by using SIPs.


Affiliated Members

Energy Panel Structures, Inc.
Graettinger, IA


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