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Residential Look Book
(all Building Excellence Awards entries, pdf download file)

Commercial Look Book
(all Building Excellence Awards entries, pdf download file)


Project Name/Link SIPA Member
Affordable Housing 
Solace Apartments Energy Panel Structures (EPS)
Staff Float Homes Insulspan
Commercial over 10,000 sq. ft.
Palace Inn & Suites    Extreme Panel Technologies
Payson Dist Ranger Station    Energy Panel Structures (EPS)
Point Defiance Zoo Aquarium    Premier Building Systems
Thunderbird Wren    Energy Panel Structures (EPS)
Bridgeport Properties 5th St. Murus
Coopers Hawk Terrace Division 1 Premier Building Systems
Founders Block South    Insulspan
Moon Townhouses  Premier Building Systems  
Solace Apartments  Energy Panel Structures (EPS)
Single Family Homes under 3,000 sq. ft.
Dalgliesh Residence Premier Building Systems
Harvey Residence    Premier Building Systems
Lake Tunnel Solar Village    Energy Panel Structures (EPS)
Lambo Residence    Premier Building Systems
Lammers Residence    Extreme Panel Technologies
Legacy House    Insulspan
Lieu Residence    Premier Building Systems
LoosBrock Residence    Extreme Panel Technologies
Miller Cabin    Energy Panel Structures (EPS)
Nielsen Haus    Extreme Panel Technologies
Perks Residence    Moonlight Design Studio/Insulspan
Scheffer Residence    Energy Panel Structures (EPS)
Schwalbach Residence    Extreme Panel Technologies
Scogin-Hartbank Home    Enercept
Soo Hoo McCully Residence    Premier Building Systems
Taiga Miller Residence    Taiga Design / Energy Panel Structures
Tusch and Tabidon Home    Extreme Panel Technologies
Single Family Homes over 3,000 sq. ft.
Bryant Residential Loft     Energy Panel Structures (EPS)
Dexter Residence     Insulspan
Edmonds Home     Extreme Panel Technologies
Hollabough House    Energy Panel Structures (EPS)
Holsopple Home Shop    Insulspan
McGeary/Johnson Residence    Extreme Panel Technologies
Pearson Residence    Enercept
Quarry Ridge Road     BuildGreen SIPS
Semiahmoo Net Zero    TC Legend Homes/Preimer
Smart Home Pensacola     FischerSIPS
Smithgall Residence     Murus
Vis Residence     Extreme Panel Technologies
Wertz Barndominium    Enercept
Wilson Residence     Premier Building Systems
Single Family Homes under 900 sq. ft.
Fleming/Bieri Studio   Premier Building Systems
Staff Float Homes    Insulspan
Wellspring 11     Murus
Wild Rice Retreat     Energy Panel Structures (EPS)
Commercial under 10,000 sq. ft.
Carolina Timberworks Shop    Murus
Central Valley Fire Station     Big Sky R-Control
Mohs Contracting Office     Energy Panel Structures (EPS)
Parkvue Flats Clubhouse   Energy Panel Structures (EPS)
Walk Ons Sports Bistro     Premier Building Systems
Weaver Commons Okoboji Theatre     Energy Panel Structures (EPS)
Alvin Remodel     Enercept
Carter Residence     Premier Building Systems


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