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Online SIP Learning Units

FULL 10-UNIT BEST TRAINING PROGRAM:  Click here if you're looking for the full SIPA Building Education with SIPS Training (BEST) program intended for builders.


INDIVIDUAL SIP LEARNING UNITS: The following chapters provide insights for those interested in one particular aspect of SIP construction. Click on any topic to go to a lesson summary page with a link to the instructional video and a link for the required 10-question quiz. Each lesson is AIA-accredited for Design Professionals seeking Continuing Education credits. Your course completion will be reported to the AIA if you provide your AIA number. In addition, you will automatically receive a Certificate of Completion which can be submitted for other State and Engineering or Building Professional training requirements.

Introduction to SIPs (Lesson 1)

Basic SIP Design and Engineering (Lesson 2)

SIP Order Process (Lesson 3)

SIP Building Science (Lesson 4)

SIP Layout Drawings (Lesson 5)

SIP Site Planning and Coordination (Lesson 6)

SIP Layout and Panel Installation (Lesson 7)

Integrating Mechanical Systems with SIPs (Lesson 8)

SIP Finish Materials and Detailing (Lesson 9)

Common Objections for SIP Designs (note: this video was renamed from "SIP Sales") (Lesson 10)





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