SIPA Online Learning Unit: Integrating Mechanical Systems with SIPs

  • COURSE ID:         BESTS08-OD
  • AIA CREDIT:         One CEU credit hour/HSW
  • VIDEO LENGTH:  49:35

Summary: In this lesson, SIPschool founder Al Cobb explains on how to integrate mechanical systems into a SIPs project. Topics include working with mechanicals trades, HVAC analysis and how to control pressure conditions that can lead to backdrafting of combustion appliances.


  • Recognize the importance of pre-construction meetings and layout reviews in order to work efficiently with other trades
  • Understand how the work of other trades relates to the SIP package as a system
  • Explain specifically how to integrate electrical and plumbing work into SIP installation
  • Understand the importance of an HVAC analysis and how it should affect the SIP project
  • Describe how indoor pollutants can be controlled with mechanical ventilation
  • Identify the purpose of blower door and duct testing
  • Summarize how to avoid back-drafting of combustion appliances

After watching the video, return to this page and click here to take the 10-question INTEGRATING MECHANICAL SYSTEMS WITH SIPS test.  You will receive a Certificate of Completion upon passing the test. Your Continuing Education credit will be reported to AIA if you include an AIA number when you log in for the test.

Study Guide: Integrating Mechanical Systems with SIPs

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