Extreme Panel Technologies, Inc.

Extreme Panel Technologies, Inc.


Extreme Panel Technologies, Inc. began manufacturing structural insulated panels in a 500 square foot shop in 1992. Because of a growing demand for SIPs, a 10,000 sq/ft manufacturing plant and office was built in 1994. Then Extreme Panel added another 51,000 sq. ft. facility to incorporate a fully automated laminating press to accommodate manufacturing 8' x 24' jumbo panels.

To obtain the highest quality of finished products, a computer-operated CNC machine was installed in 2008. Co-owner and CEO Terry Dieken, focuses his efforts on research to develop new products, increase awareness of SIPs and continue to automate the plant as the market dictates. Dedicated to advancing SIP technology, Terry is also an active member and a past Board President of the Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA). Terry's son, Jeremy, runs the day to day operations and currently sits on the SIPA Board of Directors and also serves as the Chair of the Manufacturer's Committee.

Featured Projects

Port Byron, IL
Passive solar design: Faces directly south, maximum windows south, minimum windows north, east and west. HERS Index (residential projects): 15 Blower door test results (ACH50) (residential projects): 0.49 ACH50read more

Aeon Alliance SIP MultifamilyAeon Alliance SIP Multifamily
Minneapolis, MN
“We chose SIPs with our eye on the prize that we may want to do LEED certification,” said Prinds. “SIPs were a little more expensive than standard framing, but we chose them after evaluating their efficiency, cost, impact on building... read more

Affordable SIP HouseAffordable SIP House
Charles City, IA
SIP construction made this whole project possible. SIP helped on time and lavor savings.read more

Affordable SIP HouseAffordable SIP House
River Falls, WI
The panels are user friendly for volunteer labor. Speed of construction. SIP wall thickness and core material: 12 1/4" Expanded Polystyrene, 7/16" OSB on both sidesread more

Albecker SIP HouseAlbecker SIP House
Roseville, MN
Design was key as they wanted to keep their lot blueprint the same. By tearing down the existing 1184 sq. ft. house, the house had to fit into the neighborhood. The design complements nearby homes by combining aspects of the... read more

Ames SIP Farm 1Ames SIP Farm 1
Delano, MN
SIP construction provided the efficiency in the building shell that required multiple temperature zones needed for processing, as well as overall building expense efficiency.read more

Ames SIP Farm 2Ames SIP Farm 2
Delano, MN
SIP save construction costs over a full ICF structure, providing an efficient way to put the main level together, saving both time and money. The efficiency offers energy savings, which was critical to owner's decision, in light of his long-term... read more

Ames SIP Farm 3Ames SIP Farm 3
Delano, MN
SIP construction provided the efficiency in the building shell that required multiple temperature zones needed for processing, as well as overall building expense efficiency. SIP s save construction costs over a full lCF structure. SIPs provided an efficient way to... read more

Bell SIP ResidenceBell SIP Residence
Rapid City, SD
Customer saved money because the house was completed earlier than anticipated. 8 5/8" SIP foundation panels for house/ 6" SIP foundation footings for garage. Energy Starread more

Custom SIP HouseCustom SIP House
La Crosse, WI
The home owner originally designed the home with a truss roof, but decided to take advantage of the extra storage space on the third floor that a SIP roof would offer as well as the additional R-Value gain. This roof... read more

Dunn SIP HouseDunn SIP House
Sauk Centre, MN
Building with SIPs generated significantly less onsite construction waste while framing our home when compared to building a house using conventional framing especially since all of the window and door openings were precut at the factory. This left only minor... read more

Edmonds SIP HouseEdmonds SIP House
Weston, MO
Residence for a family of 4. They enjoy sports and wanted a basketball court connected to their home. They were looking for a high-performance home. Their goal was a lot of square footage for a less expensive utility bill. Also,... read more

Energy Effcient HouseEnergy Effcient House
Minneapolis, MN
One of the major benefits of using SIPs for us, was the shop drawing review process. This enabled us to review and coordinate prior to contractors mobilizing onsite, giving us more control and confidence in the construction process. We also... read more

Energy Efficient SIP House Park Rapids MIEnergy Efficient SIP House Park Rapids MI
Park Rapids, MN
SIPS go up quickly, saving labor cost and getting the project out of the weather quickly. 6-inch SIP walls 12-inch SIP roof HERS Index 36 0.47 ACH50 Geothermal system 3.2 COP for heat and hot water 95% AFUE furnace, 18 SEER cooling system Energy recovery ventilatorread more

Energy Efficient SIP HouseEnergy Efficient SIP House
Verdi, MN
SIPs efficiency was an important key for the project. From demolition of old house to completion, it took well under 90 days to complete. SIPs is extremely energy efficient.read more

Bellevue, IA
construction methods and energy efficiency of SIPs were a key differential.read more

Epworth, IA
SIPs provided the means to achieve owner goals that would be a local and national model of energy efficiency, using the latest in building technologies.read more

Lawrence, KS
SIPs was selected due its energy efficiency.read more

Pine city, MN
Simplified panelized construction with SIPs added insulation and reduced thermal bridging and contributed greatly to the home's incredibly efficient design, passive cooling, open floor plans and immeasurable comfort for the occupants. The construction process was streamlined by using panelized construction... read more

Sioux Falls, SD
The homeowners were interested in having an energy efficient home. The architect they hired specializes in this, even teaching Passive Home design and techniques at South Dakota State University. Construction Partners has a working relationship with him in... read more

Saint Peter, MN
SIPs saved time in the construction process. Also, it allowed to make this a Passive Solar Heated House. HERS index 40, 8 ½" SIP walls & 12" SIP roof, LEED Gold, Energy Star 5 star plus, SHGC glass for solar... read more

Fragodt SIP HouseFragodt SIP House
Cottonwood, MN
This 4,960 sq. ft. family home was built by and for a SIP manufacturer employee from Extreme Panel Technologies. The home includes 6.5-inch SIP walls and 12.25-inch SIP roof.read more

Hendrickson SIP Barn Maple Plain MNHendrickson SIP Barn Maple Plain MN
Independence, MN
SIPs were considered because of their strength and the energy efficiency they provide. Frontier Structures educated the owners about the benefits of using SIPs and everyone decided this was the only way to build it.read more

High Performance SIP HouseHigh Performance SIP House
Baldwin City, KS
The shell of the home went up in 4 days. The owners have decided to add a solar PV package to offset costs and a super tight envelope makes the design of the solar system... read more

High Performance SIP HouseHigh Performance SIP House
Elkton, SD
Performance Speed of Construction Strength during storms--because of a high water table, a slab on grade was the only option.read more

Inglis SIP HouseInglis SIP House
Nevis, MN
Vaulted ceilings on upper level, dormers facing the lake for great views, and a SIP foundation are all factors contributing to the high performance and high level of customer satisfaction on this project.read more

Invictus SIP BreweryInvictus SIP Brewery
Blaine, MN
Using SIP benefited the project in several ways. First and foremost was the speed in which the building was erected. We estimate that we saved roughly 30 days as compared to a steel building. Once the shell was completed, we... read more

Kenilworth LEED SIP BungalowKenilworth LEED SIP Bungalow
Minneapolis, MN
SIPs helped designers build a traditional Arts and Crafts bungalow with a LEED-H Platinum rating.read more

LED lighting SIP RestaurantLED lighting SIP Restaurant
Robbinsdale, MN
The SIP construction did contribute significantly in developing the construction schedule and reducing the construction time which helped ease the costs of construction to the developers. Speed was of the utmost importance with a project like this. We were able... read more

LEED SIP House Lexignton MNLEED SIP House Lexignton MN
Circle Pines, MN
SIP's was a huge help in getting us certified at the Silver level.read more

Minneapolis, MN
Owner was looking for a home that would be efficient and qualify for LEED certification.read more

SIP ChurchSIP Church
Nevis, MN
facts of the performance of SIPs helped in energy Saving, time of installation, vaulted ceiling. Also included innovative design elements and structural such as ultra spans over service area and Starwoods over office for HVAC and wiring.read more

SIP House RetrofitSIP House Retrofit
Minneapolis, MN
4" retrofit insulated panels Improved air infiltration from 8.26 ACH50 to 3.97 ACH50 50% reduction in total utility cost Spray foam around rim joist Attic insulated to R-50 New low-e windowsread more

SIP Multi-Tenant BuildingSIP Multi-Tenant Building
Plain, WI
The Insulation Valeu and Speed of Construction was a main factor to have SIPs on this projectread more

SIP Visitor's Center St. Anthony MNSIP Visitor's Center St. Anthony MN
Mounds View, MN
SIPs offered energy efficiency and green methods of construction.read more

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