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Affordable Community SIP HousingAffordable Community SIP Housing
Porcupine, SD
The developers are creating climate change resilient homes. SIP construction fit well because of the improved energy efficiency they offer. Thunder Valley CDC has limited construction crews and wanted a building system that would go up quickly and that the... read more

Blue Wave SIP ComplexBlue Wave SIP Complex
Ashland, WI
Builder/designer had good experiences with SIP construction in the past, so they encouraged the owner to utilize SIP construction for Blue Wave on the Bay. Blue Wave provided Hagstrom and Schraufnagel their first opportunity to have freedom to test the... read more

Elm Tree SIP HomeElm Tree SIP Home
New Town, ND
The Elm Tree project is an amazing 10,625 sq. ft. home located on five generational family ranch. It also includes a 1,253 sq. ft. heated garage. It is the primary residence for a young, growing family in North Dakota.read more

St. Louis, MO
Recommended by Architect for improved energy efficiency.read more

Energywise SIP Pediatric Denistry OfficeEnergywise SIP Pediatric Denistry Office
College Station, TX
Speed of construction and on-going energy savings were crucial to the owner. The Enercept SIP panel fabrication was nearly flawless, considering the intricate layout. Out of nearly 300 panels, only one required simple modification. The circular tower panels... read more

Gathered Oaks SIP RenovationGathered Oaks SIP Renovation
Alexandria, MN
Gathered Oaks is a unique venue located in a serene setting where guests can dwell in congruence with nature. The venue hosts retreats, corporate outings, reunions, weddings/receptions and other special events.read more

Giuliani SIP HouseGiuliani SIP House
Malvern, PA
Along with using a prefabricated foundation enabled the house to be constructed, from hole in ground to weathered-in, in about 2 weeks. This home was installed on a Superior Walls xi Pre-tab insulated foundation. York Affinity Hybrid, 4 ton 18.5... read more

High Performance SIP House Brooklyn Center MNHigh Performance SIP House Brooklyn Center MN
Brooklyn Park, MN
6" SIP walls HERS Index 7 1.01 ACH50 Spray foam roof insulation Vertical loop geothermal HVAC system with energy recovery ventilator and humidistat Solar generation Thermomass foundationread more

High Performance SIP HouseHigh Performance SIP House
La Grange, IN
Owner wanted to introduce the community to a more energy-efficient and better way to build homes.read more

Jones SIP HouseJones SIP House
Thermopolis, WY
Owners were particularly impressed by the energy efficiency, the speed of construction and labor savings. The labor savings allowed allowed them to splurge on some of the other finishes in the home.read more

Land and Cattle SIP OfficeLand and Cattle SIP Office
Ideal, SD
A major benefit of using SIPs in the construction of the JLC Office Building was the time savings factor. Robb and his crew were able to set 320 lineal feet of wall panel in one day. In December 2016, despite... read more

LEED Platinum SIP ClassroomLEED Platinum SIP Classroom
Duluth, MN
Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) manufactured by Enercept play a major role in the design and success of the Bagley Classroom LEED Platinum Certification in this Net-Zero design.read more

LEED Platinum SIP OfficeLEED Platinum SIP Office
Phoenix, AZ
Ideation Design Group is a creative design studio employing 42 people. The studio comprises an architecture division, interior design services, food service design, graphic design, as well as a procurement department, IDG Purchasing.read more

Moffatt SIP FactoryMoffatt SIP Factory
Watertown, SD
Features: 8-inch SIP walls Total energy costs are $0.005 per cubic foot of conditioned space Daylighting with sensors that dim electric lighting when natural light is present LED lightingread more

Moon Lake SIP HouseMoon Lake SIP House
Valley City, ND
Customer had a primary interest in building a home that was inexpensive to heat and cool. Customer also wanted a home that would be simple to construct and wanted to complete some of the work himself. Building with SIPs made... read more

North Star SIP Camp LodgeNorth Star SIP Camp Lodge
Brainerd, MN
North Star Camp needed a meeting and dining hall for their church camp near Brainerd, MN, They looked to Enercept who has produced SIP roofs for many new cabins on the site. Other considerations for the project included speed of... read more

Open Concept SIP HouseOpen Concept SIP House
Pulaski, PA
Accurate prints, columns, panels and knowledge results in sound energy efficient buildings. Due to the complexity of this home and learning curve of the construction crew, the time, labor and construction cost were similar to a conventional "stick" home. Overall... read more

Opera House SIP Roof RenovationOpera House SIP Roof Renovation
Watertown, SD
Enercept SIPs' part in this renovation was a total roof replacement. Enclosing the roof as quickly as possible was critical. The design team and owners liked the idea of a system build approach. Also, the longer span rating with TGI... read more

Paulson SIP HousePaulson SIP House
Sioux Falls, SD
This home features many decorative and functional beams and has a bonus area over garage. The open floor plan provides an abundance of natural light. The beams and SIPs provide attractive, tall ceiling heights throughout the home. Radiant floor heat... read more

Pearson SIP HousePearson SIP House
Big Stone City, SD
The modern design of the home was a perfect match for SIP construction. The owner, a do-it-yourselfer and electrician, wanted to build with a system he could handle with minimal help. They are located in an open area, and wanted... read more

Pheasant SIP LodgePheasant SIP Lodge
Emery, SD
Al's Pheasant Ranch is an upscale pheasant hunting lodge with 20 guest rooms, and a multi-use event center with bar/recreation room, grand hall, conference room and two private commons areas.read more

Prairie Winds SIP Church Dickinson	NDPrairie Winds SIP Church Dickinson ND
Dickinson, ND
The foundation of the old church was crumbling and beyond repair. The congregation moved out of the building and it was torn down in June of 2017. They had an urgent need for a new church and building with SIP... read more

SIP Apartment ComplexSIP Apartment Complex
Valley City, ND
The project went together quickly. They were able to set the first floor walls in about a week. All four floors were set in under 3 months.Saved time and labor.read more

SIP Arts CenterSIP Arts Center
Fishtail, MT
The Olivier Barn was designed to achieve LEED Platinum certification. SIPs were used to enclose the timber frame barn to achieve optimal energy efficiency.read more

SIP BarnSIP Barn
Durango, CO
Speed of construction and long term energy savings. Owners were looking for a traditional design; using SIPs provided an efficient way to achieve the look they wanted. Building with SIPs saved a great deal of labor expense, as labor is... read more

SIP Barn RemodelSIP Barn Remodel
Center City, MN
This project, a home renovation using beams and frame from a 100+ year old barn, is the owner's primary residence. Once the frame was squared up, the SIPs added the structural strength. They were able to install all the panels... read more

SIP BarndominiumSIP Barndominium
Pierre, SD
The SIPs made it possible to cover the timbers quickly. Using SIPs made it easy to put temporary heat in, so crews could work comfortably over the winter. In a structure of this size, they found that the material... read more

SIP Butchery ShopSIP Butchery Shop
Watertown, SD

SIP Chapman HouseSIP Chapman House
Edmond, OK
The Chapman In-Build is a primary residence for Dr. David Chapman and his wife Julie. They also rent the apartment above the garage, short term, to people visiting Edmond through AirBnB.read more

SIP Family Lodge Williams AZSIP Family Lodge Williams AZ
Parks, AZ
The complexity and size of this home necessitated efficiencies in labor and time. The labor savings were obvious from the beginning as framing, insulating and sheathing happened more quickly than anticipated. Building with SIPs offered much more flexibility in de... read more

SIP Farmhouse RenovationSIP Farmhouse Renovation
Ponca City, OK
Time, cost and labor savingread more

SIP Guest Quarters and House Wildwood MOSIP Guest Quarters and House Wildwood MO
Pacific, MO
SIPs panel are the perfect fit with Timberframe methods.read more

SIP House and WorkshopSIP House and Workshop
Crested Butte, CO
The building location is in Crested Butte, CO at an elevation of 8,920 feet. This creates a short window of time to get the envelope up and dried in. The speed of SIP construction was important to the owner. Also... read more

SIP HouseSIP House
Arlington, SD
This beautiful rustic/modern home combines lake and golf course living. It is a three bedroom, tri-level, single family residence.read more

SIP HouseSIP House
Worland, WY
The owner had been making deliveries to another SIPs project in Worland, and the conversation started. Impressed by what he observed, he took a closer look at other SIP homes in the area and decided this was the best way... read more

SIP Hunting LodgeSIP Hunting Lodge
Armour, SD
The orignal lodge was destroyed by fire in November of 2013. The owner approached JBar Construction with an interest in SIPs. Specifically, he was interested the the superior energy efficiency provided by SIPs, and the quicker construction cycle. He wanted... read more

SIP Kitty Community RescueSIP Kitty Community Rescue
Tyler, MN
This building houses the Windy Kitty Community Rescue, a nonprofit organized whose mission is to solve Tyler, MN's feral and abandoned cat problem. The cats are humanely trapped, neutered, sometimes fostered, & placed up for adoption.read more

SIP Lake CabinSIP Lake Cabin
Hackensack, MN

SIP Office BuildingSIP Office Building
Bismarck, ND
The general contractor on this project is a long-time SIP user who is an avid promoter of SIPs. The building owner is a seasoned builder, developer and business owner with an appreciation for quality and value. Once presented... read more

SIP Office Building  2SIP Office Building 2
Sioux Falls, SD
SIP construction was perfect solution for the clean wall lines and distinct roof lines and saved labor and time.read more

SIP Seaport PierSIP Seaport Pier
Wildwood, NJ
SIP were added in the design phase for several reasons which include the ability to span 15' without additional framing, the ability to use the existing wood frame pier without modification and the alignment with the building timeline. Using SIPs... read more

SIP ShopSIP Shop
Thermopolis, WY
The builders basically use SIP construction in all of their projects. They have worked with Enercept SIPs since 2006. The owner wanted a shop that would give an open area to work with plenty of headroom. SIPs worked well to... read more

SIP Stone LodgeSIP Stone Lodge
Halliday, ND
The core concept of the Living Stone Lodge Project is to move the homeowners and their children above ground, where natural air and light qualities prevail. This meant creating a large volume loft area and positive space for the children.... read more

SIP Student HousingSIP Student Housing
Watertown, SD
SIP construction was chosen for the speed of construction and energy savings; they also wanted to work with a local business.read more

SIP Tavern RenovationSIP Tavern Renovation
Grand Marais, MN
The end use of the building was an upstairs tavern and one bedroom apartment. SIP construction helped with the speed of assembly allowing existing business to remain open and new tavern to open sooner. Owner and builder were looking for... read more

SIP Tiny Homes VillageSIP Tiny Homes Village
Albuquerque, NM
The Tiny Homes were built by volunteers from the local carpenters union. Using SIPs was an easy, effective way to quickly build 30 housing units. The Tiny Homes are very tight and energy efficient.read more

SIP Tiny HouseSIP Tiny House
Castlewood, SD
The Not Quite Tiny Home is the primay residence for Travis. It is occassionally rented out to outdoor enthusiests and people attending reunions/gatherings in the area.read more

SIP Travel PlazaSIP Travel Plaza
Flagstaff, AZ
Using SIPs saved time because of the angles built into the walls and roof. The ready-to-assemble panels were easier to install than framing the design.read more

SIP Tree HouseSIP Tree House
Elk Point, SD
Using rigid SIP construction will also prevent the cabin from twisting and turning over time. SIPs made this unique project feasible.read more

SIP Twin HouseSIP Twin House
Mapleton, ND
Multifamily investment property that will be commercialized as dwelling units.read more

SIP Vet ClinicSIP Vet Clinic
Hettinger, ND
West River Vet Clinic: State-of-the-art veterinary clinic, animal hospital and retail center in the Southwestern North Dakota agricultural community of Hettinger. WRVC services a large geographic area with five veterinarians and numerous technicians.read more

SIP Winery RenovationSIP Winery Renovation
Manheim, PA
At the onset of this project, the owner specified three primary requirements: price, time and efficiency. Building with SIP construction met all three of the owner's requirements.read more

SIP Winery Silo Grant MNSIP Winery Silo Grant MN
White Bear Lake, MN

South Pole SIP Science StationSouth Pole SIP Science Station
South Pole, Antarctica
SIPA manufacturing member Enercept worked alongside the contractor in the manufacture of the SIPs for the project; providing the design greater R-value (R50+ for the walls and R-70+ for the roof panels) and superior strength when compared to standard framing... read more

Timber Frame Office Building Gibsboro NJTimber Frame Office Building Gibsboro NJ
Gibbsboro, NJ
Timber Frame office building roof SIPS manufactured by Enercept.read more

Vaulted Ceiling SIP HouseVaulted Ceiling SIP House
Victor, ID
By building with SIPs, the builder saved on labor costs, realized less material waste, and reported less cost heating the structure once it was enclosed. They started construction during the winter; the ability to get the home enclosed quickly was... read more

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