Multi-Purpose SIP Building Webster WI

Location: Webster, WI

Project Information

Project Type: Commercial, Other Commercial
Manufacturer: Enercept
Builder: Froehle Woodworking LLC
Design Professional: DSGW Architects
Year Built: 2021


High Performance: No
HERS/EUI Index Score:
ACH50 - Blower Test Results:
CO2 lbs./sq.ft./year:

Awards/Certifications: Building Excellence Awards

BEA: 2022 Commercial Under 10K Sq. Ft. Winner

Building use:
The St. Croix Drum Ceremony Building is a multi-purpose building.  The primary use to host sacred Native Drum Ceremonies. The building is equipped with a commercial kitchen and is also used for tribal and public gatherings, celebrations, and meetings.

SIP benefits for this job:
The Enercept relationship with the General Contractors, Woodstone, Inc. goes back several years. After learning about SIP Construction, Woodstone wanted to use SIPs for the ease of construction, speed or construction, and energy-efficiency.

SIP wall thickness: 6" walls with EPS insulating core
SIP roof thickness: 10" roof with EPS insulating core

Benefits of using SIPs on this project. Did SIPs help save time, labor, construction costs, or energy?
According to builder, Frank Froehle, it took his three-man crew four days to install panels, plus one day with a crane to install the beams.  Frank felt it would have taken twice as long to stick frame this building.

Innovative design elements or structural engineering involved:
The most innovative design element in this building is the roof with the center brace and glulam beam system that is both attractive and functional. The building also features a drum pit in the center of the floor with a removable covering.

The building is heated with a Carrier model #59TP6B060V17-14 gas furnace; 96.3 AFUE and meets Energy Star version 4.1.
The building is cooled with a Carrier model #24ABB336ABN3 13 SEER central air conditioning unit.

Additional energy-saving materials used in the building envelope:
LED lighting was used for both interior and exterior lighting.

Additional sustainable materials or design features not listed above, such as recycled materials, low-VOC finishes, landscaping, etc.:
All paints and stains are low-VOC.

Additional comments:
According to the  DSGW Architecture website, "Respect and listening are the foundations of meaningful collaborations with Indigenous communities. Because, for tribes, buildings are more than bricks and mortar. They have spirit and soul."
The St. Croix Drum Ceremony Building was built for the Ojibwa, St. Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin.
The building has also been approved to act as an Active Covid Shelter, should the need arise.


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