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Let's Talk Technical

When you claim to have a superior product, providing evidence is a requirement. The studies and experiments conducted with SIPs continue to generate proof showcasing this leading-edge choice among building products.The reality...

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SIPs in Walls & Ceilings Magazine

With many in the building and design industries similarly finding themselves at home during the unprecedented economic climate, professionals are likely looking at the walls, ceilings and interior environments of their own...

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Architecture 2030 UPDATE

Just when the outlook for meeting the 1.5°C Paris Climate Agreement target seems hopeless and unattainable, a potent confluence of actions taking place in the architecture, planning, and building community, and in...

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HUD Secretary Talks SIPs

SIPA Executive Director, Jack Armstrong, explains the benefits of SIPs to HUD Secretary, Ben Carson, while his Visit to SIPA at IBS in Las Vegas.SIPA has had a long history with HUD...

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