SIPs form the backbone for this resilient, self-sufficient VISION House at 10,400 ft altitude in the Colorado mountains. The owner started with SIP walls and roofs to ensure comfort and protection against extreme weather. Read more about this off-grid complex in the May-June issue of Green Builder magazine (page 51). The article describes the building science behind the ambitious project. Research underscores that the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred growing consumer interest in self-sufficient building.

Mariposa Meadows will debut this year, and its timing could not be more perfect. As the world grapples with a pandemic and climate change, interest in living more sustainably has heightened.

“On social media, news, blogs and forums, people are actively talking about the coronavirus pandemic’s ironic positive environmental impact,” says Sara  Gutterman, Green Builder Media CEO and co-owner of the project. “We’ve seen reports of measurable improvements in air and water quality over the past few weeks because of the shutdown of business, industry and transportation across the globe.”


Click here to download the Green Builder magazine May/June 2020 issue (pdf)