SIPA understands the need for modern, cutting-edge products – with insulation and SIP resources alike. In 2021, we are injecting high-definition quality into our BEST program’s 10 videos to ensure SIP design professionals and builders have remastered, current resources. Be inspired to develop your SIP skills this year knowing your educational materials are ready for the 2021 audience.

The Building Education with SIPs Training (BEST) program is an online learning course representing the building blocks to SIP construction success and it combines decades of experienced SIPA members. Take pride in your legacy, showing you care about customers and the environment while choosing SIPs.

Builders can complete and expand on the BEST program enjoying $50 off their first year of SIPA membership. The most advanced SIP builders work towards Registered Builder status and certify as SIPA Master Builders. Differentiate yourself and your brand by building distinguished, sustainable projects with insulation that matters.

For design professionals, SIPA is a one-stop-shop for continuing education courses credentialed by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and accepted widely by professional organizations. The combined 10 videos earn 7.5 health, safety, welfare (HSW) learning units (LUs). Explore the full list of SIPA’s credentialed courses available online.  SIPs make it easy to exceed building codes while designing durable, comfortable spaces.

The first finalized, remastered video is our most popular in the lineup, Chapter 10 “Common Objections for SIP Designs.”  This chapter covers various topics equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to engage concerns. Assuage those client hesitations with confident language grounded in building science. This 30-minute video qualifies for 0.5 AIA credit.

Over the next few months SIPA will publicly announce as each of the remaining nine videos are refreshed and launched.

Discount Reminder on SIPA Resources

While the BEST program is a free online resource, SIPA offers many technical brochures and a handbook that are currently 50% off printed manuals. Enjoy the convenience of tangible manuals you can reference or brochures to share with clients. Nearly all SIPA materials are available for free in digital format. The 50% discount is available until January 31, 2021. Explore the full catalog of print and digital publications at the online SIPA Store.

If you have questions for SIPA, please email or call 253-858-7472.