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The EEBA & SIPA Partnership

For many years SIPA and the Energy & Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA) have been collaborating to inspire and educate the building industry towards environmentally friendly material choices. For decades, we’ve showcased the...

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Fire Testing the SIP Building Envelope

It’s 2022 and wildfires are a regular occurrence in the western United States. Every year, thousands of people are displaced by the looming threat of these fires and months of poor air...

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SIPs and Building Safety Month

SIPs are the place to start for soundly built, healthy structures. Since May is recognized as Building Safety Month, SIPA will be contributing to the conversation with two complementary and key benefits...

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SIPs Make the Blueprint Better

Earth Day is an opportunity to discuss how humans can live in harmony with our planet while still being human – living in homes, learning in schools, consuming and also commuting for...

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