SIP BUILDER-BP10: SIP Plumbing is now available. This publication focuses on best practices for installing plumbing in a SIP building and is the first of ten deep-dive instructional booklets based on the Builder with SIPs: NEED TO KNOW overview brochure.

This 16-page publication details the essential steps for installing plumbing in SIP buildings, complete with instructional illustrations. The guidebook is divided into two sections; the first focuses on plumbing in interior walls, followed by considerations regarding exterior roof penetrations and the proper vent orientation for solar array integration.

The SIP Building Best Practices series combines decades of knowledge from SIPA member manufacturers to help reduce SIP builders' and subcontractors' learning curves. In addition to SIP Building-BP10: SIP Plumbing, the complete catalog of Best Practice deep dives includes detailed guides on design for SIP building envelopes, HVAC, structural capabilities, sizes, shop drawings, fabrication, installation, roof, wall assemblies, and electrical considerations.

The Building Education with SIPs Training (BEST) ten video series is also available, helping participants earn the Registered SIP Builder credential and go even further to obtain the Master Builder credential.