SIPA announced the winners of the 22nd Annual Building Excellence Awards at its member meeting on January 30, 2024. One of the most prominent offsite construction award programs, the Building Excellence Awards showcase the projects that best demonstrate the design flexibility, long-lasting energy performance and resiliency of structural insulated panels (SIPs). The award-winning projects are a testament to the advantages of utilizing forward-thinking construction methods such as SIPs to deliver a high-performance, affordable and healthier building envelope.

The benefits of choosing SIPs are more important and apparent than ever before. The structural panelized construction industry offers a controlled environment to produce SIPs keeping projects on schedule and reducing labor needs. This eco-conscious building envelope delivers a comfortable, healthier and more resilient structure that generations will occupy and enjoy. SIPs are also the most reliable and practical choice by achieving today’s energy performance standards without forfeiting the imaginative and visionary talents of our industry. Building professionals with experience in SIPs can attest to the efficient process – from design phase to installation – of the SIP building envelope.

The Building Excellence Awards gives SIP builders, designers and manufacturers an opportunity to showcase exemplary residential and commercial projects completed between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023. To be eligible for an award, SIPs must have been used on at least 50 percent of the building envelope, determined by square footage of the exterior walls and roof. The 2024 Building Excellence Award judges evaluated each project on multiple criteria, including design and structural engineering innovation, creative use of SIP construction, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

In addition to the nine categories below, project entries that demonstrated eco-efficiency, health, resilience and renewable energy were considered in the high-performance (HP) running for that category.

Affordable Housing
Classic Winner: SIP Tiny House Castlewood SD
HP Winner: Affordable SIP House Birmingham AL

Classic Winner: SIP Kitty Community Rescue Tyler MN
Classic Runner Up: SIP Farm Multi Shop Cottonwood MN

Commercial Over 10K Sq. Ft.
Classic Winner: SIP School & Community Center Atmautluak AK
Runner Up: SIP Campus Building Berthound CO

Commercial Under 10K Sq. Ft.
Classic Winner: SIP Research Center Cape Sherriff Antarctica
Runner Up: SIP Headquarters Aspen CO

Classic Winner: SIP Twin House Mapleton ND
Classic Runner Up: SIP Apartments Longmont CO
HP Winner: Zero Energy SIP Apartments Kansas City KS

Classic Winner: SIP Lake Cabin Hackensack MN
Classic Runner Up: Revamped SIP House San Pedro CA

Homes Over 3K Sq. Ft.
Classic Winner: Vaulted Ceiling SIP House Culpeper VA
Runner Up: SIP Casita and Shop Scottsdale AR
HP Winner: Zero Energy Timber Frame SIP House Rockwood PA
HP Runner Up: Geothermal SIP House Lenox SD
HP Honorable Mention: Ultra Efficient SIP House East Hampton NY

Homes Under 3K Sq. Ft.
Classic Winner: Modern SIP House Remington VA
Runner Up: Sustainable SIP House Thermal CA
HP Winner: Super Efficient SIP House & ADU Seattle WA
HP Runner Up: Eco-Friendly SIP Desert House Placitas NM

Homes Under 900 Sq. Ft.
Classic Winner: Net-Zero Ready ADU SIP Los Altos Hills CA
Classic Runner Up: Compact SIP House Dewey AZ

 Best Overall Residential Winner & Total Best in Show
 Zero Energy Timber Frame SIP House Rockwood PA

Congratulations to the 2024 award winners. To explore more award-winning SIP structures, visit the SIP Project Library, which includes more than 500 projects compiled from two decades of Building Excellence Award entries.

Check out the 2024 Building Excellence Award Look Books to view all of this year's entries. We've also included the 2025 awards application for projects completed this year - 2024!