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Dec 29, 2022 - As 2022 comes to a close, SIPA would like to wish its members, partners and other industry professionals a safe and happy holiday season. As we reflect on the past year, we would like to provide the readers of the SelectSIPs News a look at some of the most accessed articles from the year. Our regular publication will resume Thursday, Jan.12. Open Newsletter

NAHB Promotes Panelized Construction: Resources and IBS 2023

Dec 15, 2022 - Advanced technology + quality materials + controlled work environment = energy-efficient homes in less time. The National Association of Home Builders provides quality resources from reliable sources on a variety of building systems. Their page devoted to panelized construction highlights the most relevant benefits to this advanced technology, directing homebuilders to online trainings and industry brochures. Open Newsletter

SIPA is Attending the International Builders' Show in Las Vegas!

Dec 1, 2022 - Join SIPA members and Executive Director Jack Armstrong at the International Builders’ Show January 31 – February 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the premier, once-a-year event that connects, educates and improves the residential construction industry. The people, products and knowledge gained will give attendees real ideas and real solutions to adopt sustainable building materials and grow their businesses. #SIPsBuildBetter Open Newsletter

The 2022 Extreme Builders Virtual Summit

Nov 17, 2022 - SIPA manufacturing member Extreme Panel Technologies put on their annual Extreme Builders Summit this week at Moss Mountain Farm in Arkansas. Bringing together full-cycle conservation and destination community professionals, energy efficiency and renewable energy professionals, and recognized industry innovators and building scientists, this event was tailored to today’s hot topics with SIPs at the center. Open Newsletter

Three SIP Projects Receive NAHB 2023 Home Design Awards

Nov 3, 2022 - The National Association of Home Builders annually presents the Building Systems Councils’ Jerry Rouleau Awards for Excellence in Home Design. This year’s awards were announced at the 2022 NAHB Summit in September, and SIPA is pleased to see three outstanding SIP projects recognized for their unique panelized construction. Open Newsletter

Better Energy Performance is Made Possible with SIPS

Oct 20, 2022 - SIPA recognizes that through vigilance and collaboration we can all reach our decarbonization goals. To compete with varying construction methods, SIPA has built strong partnerships, and we use data collected by the Department of Energy and RESNET to demonstrate that SIPs provide the greatest sustainability portfolio in the insulation industry. Open Newsletter

SIPA Member TC Legend Homes Wins Another DOE Award

Oct 6, 2022 - This thoughtfully designed home in Bellingham, Washington considered every opportunity to create a low-air-leakage home without sacrificing comfort. Starting with the 6.5-inch SIP walls and the 10.25-inch SIP roof, these Premier SIP panels provide precision sealing and a high-performing building envelope worthy of recognition. Open Newsletter

The Offsite Construction Awards Recognize Two SIP Residences

Sep 22, 2022 - The Offsite Construction Expo announced last week awards recognizing outstanding achievement from across the offsite construction industry — including volumetric modular construction, mass timber buildings, panelized projects, and more. Representing established multinational companies and major universities alike, these projects, judged by an independent panel of industry experts, represent the progress and potential of offsite construction around the world. SIPA is delighted to see two SIP projects as winners, with Premier SIPs, a SIPA manufacturing member, providing the project’s panels. Open Newsletter

The EEBA Summit is Showcasing Structural Insulated Panels

Sep 8, 2022 - The Energy & Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA) is hosting its annual High Performance Home Summit September 20-22. This event is a magnet for building innovation that puts people and the planet first by emphasizing products and materials that bring building professionals up to speed with 2022 carbon reduction goals. SIPA is especially excited to showcase SIPs in two Summit classes reaching hundreds of forward-thinking professionals. Open Newsletter

Offsite Construction Takes the Stage at Upcoming NAHB Summit

Aug 25, 2022 - SIPA and SIPA manufacturing and supplier members are joining the fall 2022 lineup of industry events. As summer building projects close out, NAHB and EEBA are gearing up to host building professionals at some of the biggest industry events of the year. The National Association of Home Builders is offering a special focus on offsite construction at the Building Systems Housing Summit September 18-20 in Atlanta, Georgia. Save over $100 by using this discount code at registration: 22BSHER. Open Newsletter

Offsite vs. Onsite Construction — Economy, Impacts and Future

Aug 11, 2022 - Offsite construction is the manufacturing, planning, design, fabrication, and assembly of building elements that are transported to a final construction site location. Offsite construction can be used for all building types including residential, educational, health care, and commercial, and always offers distinct advantages over onsite construction. Open Newsletter

Adaptive and Practical Building Technologies for Modern Needs

Jul 28, 2022 - It’s 2022 and wildfires are a regular occurrence in the western United States. Every year, thousands of people are displaced by the looming threat of these fires and months of poor air quality disrupting their pristine – oftentimes remote – residential areas. Governments and communities have acted by strengthening building codes in these locations to ensure contemporary buildings are fire-resistant and won’t act as kindling. The International Code Committee’s International Wildland-Urban Interface Code establishes a set minimum standard to reduce the loss of property from wildfires with ignition-resistant construction requirements. Much of California and Central Oregon falls into this ‘wildlands’ category, meaning design professionals and builders require materials outside the tinder box. Open Newsletter

A Tool for Effectively Communicating the Added Value with SIPs

Jul 14, 2022 - In collaboration with Sam Rashkin, former Department of Energy Chief Architect and author of Housing 2.0: A Disruption Survival Guide, SIPA has published a new tool for SIP manufacturing and building professionals. The True Value Bidding Tool helps demonstrate the added value of a SIP project with every lead that your business encounters. It's an easy way to elaborate on the additional value included in a SIP structure that conveys more than energy performance — it demonstrates the true cost associated with building and the real savings in choosing SIPs. Open Newsletter

SIPA Welcomes New Members to the SIP Industry

Jun 30, 2022 - Here at SIPA, we like to think of SIPs as not just a building alternative but a building solution. With SIPs technology, the industry has a chance to decarbonize at the creation and operational level as well as deliver structures that value health at the heart of each build. Our vision is to see the industry embrace SIPs as the preferred building system and we’re excited to see our community of SIPA members grow each year. Open Newsletter

A United Decarbonization Statement from the Insulation Industry

Jun 16, 2022 - The energy efficiency requirements in today's building codes and standards are the cornerstones of building decarbonization. SIPs can get us there. Open Newsletter

Architectural West Magazine Showcases SIPs

Jun 2, 2022 - This SIPs award-winning structure is recognized for its progressive building and design methods. “Recent shifts in the global dialogue on sustainability and green building initiatives have put responsibility on the shoulders of architects and designers to create energy-efficient, high-performing structures without compromising on the design vision. This recasting of priorities, combined with a growing focus on promoting the well-being of occupants in the built space, has challenged professionals to seek creative, alternative building solutions. Open Newsletter

SIPs and ICC's Building Safety Month

May 19, 2022 - SIPs are the place to start for soundly built, healthy structures. Since May is recognized as Building Safety Month, SIPA is contributing to the conversation with two complementary and key benefits to the SIP building envelope: speed of construction and resilience. These significant benefits are deeply intertwined with #buildingsafetymonth and the weekly themes highlighted by the International Code Council (ICC). The added value in speed and strength characteristics contributes enormously to the energy efficiency and building code achievements of a SIP structure. Open Newsletter

Nine SIPA Member Companies Recognized by GBM

May 5, 2022 - Green Builder Media (GBM) annually recognizes the most sustainable products of the year in a monthly edition of their leading construction industry and building science magazine. Along with that April publication, brands were indexed according to their category and index scores were determined by weighted averages of the following three measures: survey data (a survey conducted by GBM), consumer sentiment and positive mentions by verifiable brand consumers. Open Newsletter

Build a Better Future with SIP Structures

Apr 21, 2022 - Whether it’s a tiny house or a commercial building of tens of thousands of square feet, the SIP building envelope creates a tightly sealed, extremely energy-efficient structure. A high-performance structure is defined by its ability to outperform the average energy performance metrics of standard homes and buildings. Structural Insulated Panel Association hosts the only entirely SIP project catalogue where users can filter by high-performance and various energy performance ratings. Open Newsletter

Department of Energy Awards $4.5M for SIPA Study

Apr 7, 2022 - Retrofit insulated panels (RIPs) have been a remodeling solution to homeowners and builders for decades. While SIPs are typically aimed at new construction, RIPs offer current home and business owners an alternative way to increase your structure’s energy performance without starting from scratch. RIPs have become increasingly important when grappling with the U.S.’s decarbonization goals and the Home Innovation Research Lab is going to take RIP technology to the next level. Open Newsletter

GHG Reduction Goals in Sight for the Building Industry

Mar 24, 2022 - There are several social and environmental factors to embracing green building efforts and technologies. The 2021 World Green Building Trends Study by Dodge Construction Network highlights these factors, identifying green building as a global priority for the industry and predicting rapid growth in these next three years. Open Newsletter

SIPA Announces the 20th Annual Building Excellence Award Winners

Mar 10, 2022 - SIPA announced the winners of the 20th Annual Building Excellence Awards at its member meeting on March 1, 2022. One of the most prominent offsite construction award programs, the Building Excellence Awards showcases projects that best demonstrate the design flexibility, long-lasting energy performance and resiliency of structural insulated panels (SIPs). The award-winning projects are a testament to the advantages of utilizing forward-thinking construction methods such as SIPs to deliver a high-performance, healthier building envelope. Employing advanced materials and progressive building systems is more important and high profile than ever before, as the construction industry races to keep pace with increased demand. Open Newsletter

Four SIP Projects Receive NAHB Offsite Construction Awards

Feb 24, 2022 - The National Association of Home Builders recently announced their 2022 Jerry Rouleau Awards for Excellence in Home Design. These four SIP projects took the first step towards high-performance design when they chose SIPs for their building envelope. Open Newsletter

Rely on SIPs with Increased Building Performance Standards

Feb 10, 2022 - The building industry is in a unique position this year. Poised to have the most impact a sector can have on reducing emissions, building professionals need only adapt to using readily available, higher-performance products. The National Building Performance Standards Coalition (National BPS Coalition) is a nation-wide group of local and state governments that have committed to inclusively design and implement building performance policies and programs in their jurisdictions. Open Newsletter

Meet the Judges

Jan 27, 2022 - SIPA is thrilled to announce the lineup of judges for this year’s Building Excellence Awards. Projects submitted showcase the design flexibility, sustainability and energy efficiency possible with a structural insulated panel building envelope. Judges will evaluate each project entry on the following criteria: Open Newsletter

Campaign to Zero - Radical Change Takes Radical Responsibility

Jan 13, 2022 - A citizen’s movement for zero carbon building has launched led by Energy & Environmental Building Association (EEBA), Zero Energy Project and Team Zero. This inter-industry trifecta has combined resources to create Campaign to Zero — a one-stop-shop for homeowners, homebuyers, renters, builders, and designers to easily find and adopt zero energy practices ultimately moving towards high-performance, sustainable building products. Yes, even renters can implement energy-efficient practices when renovating their rental and no effort is too small. Open Newsletter

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