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Building Education with SIPs Training (BEST)


SIPA's BEST Program (Building Education with SIPs Training) is offering a 10-part series of online training videos and tests for FREE.   BEST Training Videos - all lessons
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The Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) offers a $50 membership discount to builders who complete a free 10-hour online SIPs course, the first step in joining a prestigious group of builders who are changing the landscape for high performance, advanced building envelope construction.



Click on the video clip (below) to preview "Learning Objectives" of the first course, about 1.5 minutes in length. 

To audit each training video click on the images to the right to view BEST Lessons: Intro to Lesson 10 without testing requirements.

If you chose to continue with the training click on the red button "Go to course" to complete a profile page and begin the FREE online courses (Approximately 10 hours). 

By completing the BEST course work you are considered a "Builder in Training" and can join SIPA as a member with $50 off the first year membership fee (pay only $85).  The next step is to register and enroll in the SIPA Registered Builder Program to achieve "Registered Builder" status and then on to the "SIPA Master Builder" certification. Go to the SIPA Registered Builder Program page to see details.


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Online Training Unit: Introduction to SIPs

SIPs Training & Learning

(Intro clip)
Introduction to SIPs
BEST - Lesson 1
Basic SIP Design and Engineering
BEST - Lesson 2
SIP Order Process
BEST - Lesson 3
SIP Building Science
BEST - Lesson 4
SIP Layout Drawings
BEST - Lesson 5
Site Planning and Coordination
BEST - Lesson 6
SIP Layout and Panel Installation
BEST - Lesson 7
Integrating Mechanical Systems
BEST - Lesson 8
Finish Materials and Detailing
BEST - Lesson 9
Common Objections for SIP Designs
BEST - Lesson 10
(Note: this video was formerly SIPs Sales)



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