Net Positive SIP House Pensacola FL

Location: Pensacola, FL

Project Information

Project Type: Residential, > 3,000 sq. ft.
Manufacturer: FischerSIPS
Builder: Loxley Hawk, Inc.
Design Professional: SIPS Development – Fischer SIPS
Year Built: 2019


High Performance: Yes
HERS/EUI Index Score: -38
ACH50 - Blower Test Results: 2.51
CO2 lbs./sq.ft./year:

Awards/Certifications: Building Excellence Awards, LEED Platinum, Silver, DOE Zero Energy Ready Home, ENERGY STAR Certified, EPA Indoor AirPLUS, Passive House

BEA: Energy Star, Passive House, Water Sense, Energy Ready Net Zero Home

In the beginning we evaluated 3 types of building materials, ICF, SIPs and conventional 2x framing with foam insulation. Overall, SIPs won out for the value added to the project; namely savings on foundation (elevated concrete deck on pre-stress piles) due to weight reduction over ICF.

  • Value to us on waste management. Diverted waste due to Ready-To-Assemble SIPs. 
  • Energy efficiency due to increased insulation values, especially performance values. 
  • Fortified construction (160 MPH 3 second gust, nominal 124 MPH, Exposure D).
  • Speed of construction and time saved; about 3.2 weeks over ICF and 2 weeks over 2x construction.  

Insulation value of SIPs added to our achieving our Net Zero goal. Passive solar – allowed for daylighting while rejecting heat in the Summer and allowing for solar heat gain in the Winter.  

24’ EuroWall bifold door was installed using a designed SIP header system.  This allows the owners to open the living room to the open-air deck and transition the living spaces into one big area. 

LEED (on track for Platinum)
Energy Star
Passive House
Water Sense

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