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Featured Projects

3 Sisters High Performance SIP House3 Sisters High Performance SIP House
Fort Worth, TX
SIP were incorporated into the project's design from the very beginning, as the owners desired the high-performance aspects derived from SIPs (extreme airtightness, great insulation and incredible strength with its reduced homeowners insurance premiums). Install went quickly, and the... read more

Westworth Village, TX
The benefit from using SIPs was to fulfill the client's desire for a more energy efficient home with greater air tightness as he has allergy and asthma problems. The architect was able to take advantage of the large interior volumes... read more

LEED Platinum SIP HouseLEED Platinum SIP House
Pensacola, FL
In the beginning we evaluated 3 types of building materials, ICF, SIPs and conventional 2x framing with foam insulation. Overall, SIPs won out for the value added to the project; namely savings on foundation (elevated concrete deck on pre-stress... read more

Zero Energy SIP HouseZero Energy SIP House
Dallas, TX
Our client's goal was to build an extremely energy efficient, small house that would be zero energy ready. The modular size and shape of the home lent itself to the use of SIPs for more

Zero Energy SIP HouseZero Energy SIP House
Mineral Wells, TX
Custom home. Quote from homeowner: "As a specialist in energy-efficient, sustainable, green homes, this home . . . is an extension of our philosophy."read more

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