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SIPA Registered Builders

1681 76th St Apt 1
Brooklyn, NY 11214
United States

Phone: 646-991-5668

Primary Contact: Richard Phillips

RAP Inc. has built in 17 Countries and 28 States since 1987.Richard Phillips started building in Japan with K & K Construction out of Seattle Washington building log homes in Northwest Japan. RAP Inc. did more projects in the USA as both a GC and framer . RAP INC. started another building company in late 2020 and is currently Headquartered in NY State . Panel Companies used by RAP Inc. in the past are: Enercept, Watertown SD Premier Building Systems, Salt Lake City UT Premier Building Systems, Puyallup WA Premier Building Systems, Reno NV New Energy Works, McMinnville OR ABS Panels, Filf WA R-Control SIP/Big Sky, Grand Junction, CO

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