The ICC NTA Story, A History of Quality


ICC NTA is a member of the International Code Council (ICC) Family of Solutions, the largest international association of building safety professionals who offer solutions dedicated to providing businesses and municipalities with the tools needed to build safe, affordable, and sustainable communities and buildings worldwide. As a trusted partner, ICC NTA solves business challenges for innovative commercial and residential builders, manufacturers, and suppliers, protects consumers, and supports code officials, design professionals, and partner agencies through our accredited third-party services.


We believe that everyone deserves to live and work in safe, affordable, and sustainable buildings; our colleagues, partners, and clients share and work towards this goal. We live our purpose when our expertise and service elevate our client’s brand loyalty, respect, and success.


We collaborate with a broad range of industries through the following services:

• Product Testing
• Building Code Evaluation
• Modular Building Certification
• Inspection Services for Building Products, Manufactured Housing (IPIA) and Modular Building Certification
• Professional Engineering Design and Review
• CAD Services
• Plan Review for Manufactured Housing (DAPIA) and Modular Building Certification
• Expert Witness for Building Industry
• Read our Compliance Principles here.


ICC NTA is a company of objective professional engineers, plan reviewers, technicians, consultants, and design draftsmen. We are an independent third-party agency, accredited to ISO 17025 (Midwest and Southwest testing laboratories) and ISO 17020 (inspection body) standards, which are General Requirements for Bodies Operating Product Testing and Inspections. These accreditations ensure that both consumers and regulatory agencies can be confident in our services.


To fulfill our goal of safe, affordable, efficient buildings for everyone, we believe innovation in technology, tools, and service are key. Our clients are innovators in their fields, and we support them through innovation, as well. For example, we pioneered the industry’s first electronic plan-review software – eDAPIA, which revolutionized the process of third-party design review. In addition, we designed and built a state-of-the-art fire test facility, which further enables innovators who would solve fire safety challenges in the built environment. To effectively support innovative manufacturers, we continue to research and adopt cutting-edge technologies to augment our services.


Founded in 1976 by David R. Tompos and Dennis Norkus, NTA has long been a part of the Tompos family. David and Dennis worked hard to build a company whose name became synonymous with quality and integrity. After Dennis retired in 2002, David’s sons, David A. Tompos and Eric Tompos, purchased Dennis’s company share and dramatically expanded its services and capabilities.

In 2019, NTA was acquired by the International Code Council and became ICC NTA, LLC.

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