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Building Excellence Awards

2019 SIPA Building Excellence Awards Winners have been announced - March 5, 2019

THE 2019 WINNERS....Announced March 5, 2019 - Phoenix, AZ

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Category: Agriculture


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Charlie Ewalt

Oklahoma Equine Hospital
Goldsby, OK

SIP walls: 8" with EPS insulating core
SIP roof: 10" roof with EPS insulating core

Category: Commercial/Industrial/Institutional Buildings under 10,000 sq.ft. 


Energy Panel Structures

Northfield, MN

SIP walls: 6" EPS Foam BC Plywood
SIP roof: 10" Neopor Foam BC Plywood


Category: Commercial/Industrial/Institutional Buildings over 10,000 sq.ft.


Charlie Ewalt

Trav's Outfitter
Watertown, SD

SIP walls: 6" walls with an EPS core
SIP roof: 10" roof with an EPS core.

Category: Renovations


Charlie Ewalt

Mount Hope Winery
Manheim, PA

SIP walls: 6" EPS panels over existing
barn, 8" EPS panels for the addition
SIP roof: 10" EPS panels

Category: Multifamily

WINNER in category and Overall Commercial!

Premier Building Systems
Becky Susan

Palo Alto Apartment Project
Palo Alto, CA

SIP walls: 24,168 sf of 6" SIP Walls

Category: Single Family Homes over 3,000 sq.ft.


Extreme Panel Technologies
Josh Fragodt

Inglis Residence
Nevis, MN

SIP walls: 6 1/2" panels
SIP roof: 12 1/4" panels

Category: High Performance Single Family Homes over 3,000 sq.ft.

WINNER in category and Overall Residential!

Al Cobb

Ford Residence
Hedgesville, WV

SIP walls: 6.5" EPS panels
SIP roof: 12.5" EPS panels

HERS Index: 48
Blower door: 1.0 ACH50

Category: Single Family 'Small House' under 900 sq.ft.


Premier Building Systems
Becky Susan

SQFT Studios
Portland, OR

SIP walls: 680 sq.ft. 6" panels
SIP floors: 320 sq.ft. of 8" panels
SIP roof: 480 sq.ft. of 10“ panels

Category: High Performance Single Family 'Small House' under 900 sq.ft.


SIPsmart Building Systems
Michael Morley

Wright Residence
Baldwin City, KS

SIP wall thickness: 6 1/2" EPS
SIP roof thickness: 10 1/4" EPS

HERS: -17
Blower door: 217 CFM at 50 Equates to 1.59
Energy use intensity: kBtu/ft2/yr -11.1

Category: Single Family Homes under 3,000 sq.ft.


Extreme Panel Technologies
Perry Penske

Breckenridge Sisters Cabin
Breckenridge, CO

SIP walls: 6 1/2" wall panels with EPS foam
SIP roof: 12 1/4" roof panels with Neopor foam


Category: High Performance Single Family under 3,000 sq.ft.

WINNER in category and Overall High Performance!

Click here to download case study (pdf)

Ferrier Builders
Heather Laminack

3 Sisters Project
Fort Worth, TX

SIP walls: 4" wall panels and 6.5" wall panels on stairwell EPS core
SIP roof: 6" roof panels. EPS core

HERS Index: 9
Blower door test: 1.9 ACH50

SIPs manufactured by FischerSIPS

Category: Affordable Housing


Charlie Ewalt

Thunder Valley House (Regenerative Community)
Porcupine, SD

SIP walls: 6" panels with EPS solid insulating core
SIP roof: 12" roof panels with EPS solid insulating core

All Categories: Runner-up and Honorable Mention

63 total entries

12 winning projects

13 recognized runner-up and honorable mention projects

SIPA Building Excellence Awards 2019
The Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) hosted the seventeenth annual Building Excellence Awards to recognize association members that built exemplary projects using structural insulated panels (SIPs). The competition allowed SIPA members to showcase their best work while demonstrating  the design flexibility, sustainability and energy  efficiency possible with SIP construction.
The 2019 Judges:

Marianne Cusato
Designer, author and lecturer in the fields of architectural design, real estate trends and housing solutions. Selected by FORTUNE Magazine as one of the Top Women in Real Estate.


Ron Jones
Green Builder Media President and long-time builder, previously on NAHB and USGBC boards. Author of more than a hundred published articles related to sustainability and the built environment.


Michael Baechler
PNNL Pacific Northwest National Labs. Managed an assessment of renewable energy for the DOD authoring several environmental documents and over 70 books, articles and reports.


Sam Rashkin
Chief Architect with the DOE and runs the Zero Energy Ready Home Program. Author of the book titled "Retooling the U.S. Housing Industry: How It Got Here, Why It's Broken, and How to Fix It" that presents a comprehensive strategy for transforming the new homebuyer consumer experience.



Judging Criteria

Each entry will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Design and structural engineering innovation.
  • Creative use of SIP construction.
  • Environmental sustainability.

New High Performance Category criteria:

  • Projects can compete both here and in specific building type category.
  • Only features pertaining to eco-efficiency,  health, resilience, and renewable energy are considered here.
  • Energy efficiency (quantified by HERS Index, blower door and other data).

Award Categories:

  • High Performance (any size or use category - judged only on  special High Performance features or certifications.
  • Single Family ‘Small House’ under 900 sq. ft.
  • Single Family Homes over 3,000 sq. ft.
  • Single Family Homes under 3,000 sq. ft.
  • Multifamily
  • Agricultural
  • Commercial/Industrial/Institutional Buildings under 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Commercial/Industrial/Institutional Buildings over 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Renovations (residential or commercial, includes additions and retrofit insulated panels).
  • Affordable Housing (excludes multifamily, home ownership cost must be at or below 30% of median income for location)

Who is Eligible?

  • The submitting company must be a current SIPA member in good standing.
  • Structural insulated panels must be used on a minimum of 50% of the building envelope, determined by square footage of exterior walls and roof.
  • The SIPs used on the project must be provided by a SIPA member manufacturer.
  • Installers, designers or other parties involved in the project who are not SIPA members will not be recognized in awards materials. However, builders or architects may apply for membership with their entry, but must be full members in good standing prior to the closing date for the entry to receive recognition.
  • Project must be completed between January 1, 2018 and  December 31, 2018 Winning Entries.
  • One winner will be chosen from each category. From the category winners, an Overall Competition Winner and a Runner-Up will  be named.
  • Judges may hand out Honorable Mentions at their discretion.
  • Winners will be recognized at the 2019 SIPA SelectSIPs Expo in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • SIPA will promote the winning entries on the SIPA website and  issue a press release to outside media.


  • Member companies may make multiple entries, but a separate  entry form must be completed for each entry (except for same project also submitted to High Performance category).
  • SIPA has the right to use the photos to promote SIPs to the  construction industry.  All entries will be displayed on the  SIPA website.
  • The deadline for entries is January 11, 2019. All entries must be  received at the SIPA office on or before that date.




Last Year's Competition Results (2018)

Announced on February 27, 2018 at the SIPA Annual Meeting in Jacksonville, FL


These are the winners 

Overall Competition
Commercial / Industrial / Institutional over 10,000sqft
Commercial / Industrial / Institutional under 10,000sqft
Affordable Housing
  • Winner - L'Americana - Pompano Beach, FL by Innova Eco Building System/Capital Group Development
  • Runner-up - Oakland Park House - Oakland Park, FL by Innova Eco Building System
Single Family Houses over 3,000sqft
Single Family Houses under 3,000sqft
Small House under 900sqft
  • Winner High Performance - Strickland Residence - Oak Harbor, WA by Premier Building Systems
  • Runner up High Performance - In-Law House - Sweetwater, FL by Innova Eco Building System







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