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Retrofit Insulated Panels

Retrofit insulated panels (also called nailbase panels) provide continuous exterior insulation and a solid nailing surface in a single step.  Perfect for deep energy retrofits and new construction, retrofit insulated panels are a labor-saving method of reaching a high-performance, airtight building envelope.

Retrofit Insulated Panel Installation Guide

Click below for a comprehensive installation manual developed by SIPA in conjunction with Home Innovation Research Labs.  The guide is intended to serve alongside manufacturer's installation recommendations for retrofit insulated panels.

Retrofit Insulated Wall & Roof Panel Installation Guide 

Renovation / Retrofit SIP Projects

Retrofit Insulated Panel Case Studies

Case Study: Cold Climate RetrofitApplying retrofit insulated panels to this classic craftsman home helped cut energy use by 50 percent and bring the HERS Index down to 59, saving the homeowners over $1,300 a year in energy costs. 

Case Study: Oak Harbor Retrofit An old ranch-style home gets a much-needed remodel, complete with retrofit insulated panels, high performance windows and a new HVAC system. The improvements resulted in a 64 percent reduction in energy use and $3,060 in annual savings for the homeowners.

Field Studies on Retrofit Insulated Panels

Extensive research by NYSERDA, Home Innovation Research Labs and DOE Building America confirms the energy-saving benefits of retrofit insulated panels. 

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