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Affordable SIP House Pompano Beach FL

Pompano Beach, FL

Project information
Modernista House - City of Pompano Beach Housing & Urban Improvements ll
Pompano Beach, FL 33064


Date Completed: December 12, 2016
Total cost of project: $230,000
Dimensions of building: 52' x 44' (approximate)
Total sq. ft. of conditioned space: 1398 sqft conditioned (1880 sqft total / under roof)

Built By
Capital Group Green Developments 

Panels Manufactured By: Innova Eco Building System

The end use of this home is to provide low income families an unprecedented opportunity to own a high quality home with lower operating costs promoted by the City of Pompano - Office of Housing and Urban Improvements.

We proposed offering an energy-efficient, affordable, beautiful home using a modern design with high ceilings (12 ft in the main living area and 10 ft in the bedrooms). Using a Miami Dade approved MGO SIP provided our proposal with a unique advantage due to its hurricane resistance rating, fire resistant characteristics, mold resistance, bug resistance as well as sound and water resistant capabilities.  The SIP product  while being very durable and offering a 20 year manufacturer warranty (backed by an insurance company) made this a full turnkey package at a very affordable cost helping us to be selected from among 10 bidders on this project.

We realized many social/community benefits by providing training opportunities for local unskilled workers. Having a team of only 4 to 5 people (plus a few volunteer trainees) led by one very skilled worker capable of squaring up and making sure the house was plumb was a source of community pride and helped garner support with community leaders.  The SIP product enabled us to put up the shell in less than 4 weeks realizing an enormous savings in labor costs. We were able to identify people within the city and nearby areas to work the site enabling them to log in hours which the manufacturer would consider in certifying them as SIP installers, converting them from unskilled to skilled laborers over time if all criteria were met. Opening new opportunities for unskilled workers installed a sense of pride and team spirit among the members on the install team. This also helped circumvent the labor shortage presently in the Florida market.

Recognized by the City of Pompano as a successful collaboration, and due to their satisfaction with our product, referrals are opening new opportunities in other cities.   CRA's and other non-profits want to work in creating housing that fits their price point with an image they are eager to promote.

SIP wall thickness and core material: 6 3/4" EPS 1LB
SIP roof thickness and core material: 8 1/2" EPS 1.1LB

The SIPs helped in speeding up aspects of the shell construction and required minimal manpower and equipment while producing minimal waste.

Other design elements: The use of MGO (Magnesium Oxide) SIPs helps ensure a healthy water resistant product with high resistance to mold and moisture absorption. The house was also designed with materials that meet Miami/Dade codes and are rated for winds up to 180mph.  The roof also utilized a reliable coating system by Sherwin-Williams/Uniflex.

HERS Index: 68 (initial test)
Blower door test results: 2.83 ACH50

HVAC system used on the project: 2.5 ton Rheem 16 seer, 29000 BTU/21000 sensible capacity BTUH, 1000 CFM

1.06 U-Value windows, energy efficient appliances and LED lights throughout, R13 insulation where SIPs were not used.  LED lighting throughout, tank-less water heater with 99.5% EF, select energy efficient appliances including Energy Star dishwasher.  Low VOC coatings were used throughout the house (inside and out), landscaping is all native plants, irrigation system is on a separate reclaimed water system with a dedicated meter.  House is part of an affordable housing program intended for moderate to low income occupants.


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Builder Information

Capital Group Developments, LLC
Mario Caprini55 NE 5th Ave Suite 501
Boca Raton, FL 3432

Panels manufactured by Innova Eco Building Systems.

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