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Dexter Residence

Dexter, MI

Participant information
Nicole Horton
8622 Huron River Drive
Meridian, ID   83642
Phone:  208.887.1020
Email:  insulspan@insulspan.com
Website:  www.insulspan.com

Single Family Homes over 3,000 sq. ft.

Project information
Dexter Residence

Dexter, MI   48130

Date Completed:
January 2019

Dimensions of building (all floors of multi-story building):
29' x 41'

Total sq. ft. of conditioned space:
3,689 sq. ft.

Built By (if different than applicant)
Chris Marr
Chris Marr
8622 Huron River Drive
Dexter, MI   48130
Phone:  734.320.2495:

Panels Manufactured By: Company Name (members only):

Designed By (if different than applicant)
Chris Marr
8622 Huron River Drive
Dexter, MI  48130
Phone: 734.320.2495

Describe the end use of the building:
Single family home

How did SIP construction help you get this job?
The owner/designer/builder required a high R-value building envelope with no thermal bridging and was doing his own install. He chose SIPs over other forms of construction such as advanced framing techniques, double wall construction and exterior rigid insulation because SIPs meant he could frame his shell + insulation with just the help of his Dad and a fork lift in just 10 days. Any other option with the same help and fork lift meant at least a month to frame and that wouldn't even include insulation.

SIP wall thickness and core material:

SIP roof thickness and core material:

Describe the benefits of using SIPs on this project. Did SIPs help save time, labor, construction costs, or energy?
SIPs meant that the envelope of the home could be constructed in 10 days by 2 people and a fork lift and result in 7" of solid foam on the walls and 11" of solid foam on the roof and NO THERMAL BRIDGING. While other systems could net the same end result, they would require considerably more steps and complexity resulting in considerably more time. More time to construct means more time exposed to the weather (install occurred in the winter) risking the owner's considerable investment.

Describe any innovative design elements or structural engineering involved:
A glulam timber frame in the basement, with timber floor joist and 1.5" wood decking supports a 1st floor concrete slab. Another glulam frame above ground supports the 2nd floor deck (floor trusses) and flat roof (12" SIPs). This support structure allows 19' tall wall SIPs to span from the ICFs to the roof SIPs uninterrupted, requiring NO wood splines (no thermal bridging.) Both the 1st flr slab and 2nd flr deck are inside the wall SIP envelope eliminating any air leakage from top and bottom plates. The flat roof is designed to support a green roof and encourages the collection of snow. More snow = more insulation.

Describe the HVAC system used on the project:
A Bosch gas boiler provides domestic hot water and in-floor radiant throughout the basement and first floor concrete. Also supplies a Nu-Air Engerboss Hydronic air handler with integrated heat/energy recovery ventilator. Cool provided by integrated AC unit. The Nu-Air supplies two zones, 1st flr and 2nd flr. Cool air to both zones, warm air to only the 2nd flr (1st has in floor radiant heat.) The Nu-Air provides two boost ducts for two 2nd floor baths. ASHRAE formula calcs air exchanges

Describe any other energy-saving materials used in the building envelope other than SIPs. List U-values of windows used and the U or R-value of any insulation materials. (judged only for High Performance Category)
ICF basement walls. Pella® 350 Series Windows with InsulShield® Advanced Low-E triple-pane glass with argon, and optional foam insulation. U-factor: 0.16

Please list any sustainable materials or design features not listed above, such as recycled materials, low-VOC finishes, landscaping, etc. (judged only for High Performance Category):
Glulam Douglas fir timber frame.
Green roof (not installed yet.)

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Builder Information

Chris Marr
Chris Marr8622 Huron River Drive
Dexter, MI 48130

Phone: 734.320.2495

Panels manufactured by Insulspan®.

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