Affordable SIP House 2 Pompano Beach FL

Location: Pompano Beach, FL

Project Information

Project Type: Residential, < 3,000 sq. ft.
Manufacturer: Innova Eco Building System
Builder: SIMJA CONSTRUCTION, LLC / Eco Building Armor
Design Professional:
Year Built: 2017


High Performance: No
HERS/EUI Index Score: 62
ACH50 - Blower Test Results:
CO2 lbs./sq.ft./year:

Awards/Certifications: Building Excellence Awards

BEA: Florida Green Building Coalition

We proposed to offer an energy efficient, affordable, beautiful home using a contemporary design with high ceilings (12 feet in the main living area and 10” in the bedrooms) Using a Miami Dade approved MGO SIP provide a unique advantage to this job due to its hurricane resistance rating, fire resistant characteristics, mold resistant, bug resistant, sound resistant and water resistant capabilities while being very durable and offering a 20 year manufacturer warranty backed by an insurance company, This full turnkey package at a very affordable cost. This City of Pompano Beach CRA demonstration project proposes a viable solution to the workforce housing crisis in Florida.
The social implication of requiring a team of only 4 to 5 people plus a few volunteer trainees with only one very skilled worker capable of squaring up and making sure the house was plum together with 3 to 4 unskilled workers enabled us to put up the shell in less than 4 weeks. This allowed us to work in identifying people within the city and nearby area enabling them to log in hours which the manufacturer would consider in certifying them as SIP installers therefore converting them from unskilled to skilled laborers over time if the criteria are met, opening additional or new opportunities for them and while instilling a sense of pride and team spirit between the members on the install team. This helped circumvent the labor shortage presently in the Florida market.



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