Preflex Inc.

Preflex Inc.


At PREFLEX, we're changing the way we build, Providing you with a FASTER, COST-EFFECTIVE, STRONGER, and ENERGY EFFICIENT building experience.

With Rising Material and Labor shortages, PREFLEX  is the best way to obtain energy efficiency without breaking the bank.

Based in California, we are passionate about doing our part to solve the housing crisis by creating and supplying the materials to create more affordable housing. We manufacture, design, and engineer high-quality, smart, sustainable homes, and our current track record speaks to our dedication to the well-being of our business and private clients.

Our vision is that modular construction will be mainstream, making it easier, faster, and more environmentally responsible to create robust, affordable, and unique custom homes. As we become a leader in modular construction, we take pride in our impact on housing, homelessness, and further industry advancement.


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