Design Professional

PANL makes homebuilding better through beautiful design and a SIP-based construction system. Our designs are based on SIP technology from the start, and we optimize our plans to take full advantage of SIP performance while minimizing waste, construction timelines, and building complexity.

We offer a range of floorplans, finish specifications, and framing kits for modern homes, cabins, and ADUs. Builders can take advantage of our intuitive design system, which shares core components across models and includes easy-to-follow visual assembly instructions. Our PANL Spec-Books make finish material procurement incredibly easy, allowing builders to place orders for pre-assembled, curated packages directly with our partners. We also offer a range of developer-focused services including site design, resort branding, and community planning.

All PANL Framing Kits are manufactured by a SIPA-member partner and are available to ship anywhere in the US. Learn more at


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