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JEDCO Builders


Structural Insulated Panels & Timber Frame installation is our specialty. We are a recognized leader in the industry serving (Residential – Commercial – Industrial) contractors throughout New England.

We have the capacity to take on multiple projects throughout New England with our professional crew of skilled craftspeople.

SIPs: Sustainable, Innovative and Energy Efficient

Jedco Builders installs Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for Industrial, Commercial and Residential buildings. Contractors who want to provide their clients with the best form of insulation can call on us. Contact Us

In today’s building industry, Structural Insulated Panels continually outperform fiberglass insulation for residential, commercial and industrial construction. With fiberglass losing more than half of its R-value due to air infiltration, thermal bridging and extreme temperatures, SIPs are the best choice for insulation. Why not offer your clients a comfortable and environmentally responsible means to protect their investment?

Because the innovative panels are foam core sandwiched between two structural facings of OSB, these precision made panels are high-performance, made to exact specifications that will provide superior strength against the elements and significantly reduce time and labor on each project.

Choosing SIPs enables you to meet the building requirements and energy code standards for R-values and air infiltration. With a tight wrapper you create a healthier, more efficient building, with less air leakage.

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