Foard Panel, Inc.

Foard Panel, Inc.

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Marketing and magic won't get you the building you need. We start with a conversation to make sure that SIPs are the right fit, literally and figuratively, for your project. We have been in the SIPs space for longer than just about anybody. So, we know what SIPs can and can't do and we'll never recommend them if they won't work. 

This should all be a given, but we know that what you really need is to be able to trust the quality and precision of your project's SIPs. That's why we have invested so fully in our engineers and designers—working side by side—as well as our install teams, builders, and pre-cutters to create the highest quality SIPs for projects around the country since 1985. 

You have better things to do than think about SIPs. Let us handle that part, so you can do what you really care about. Contact us directly and we'll get you what you need.

Featured Projects

Carroll, NH
This home is about as airtight as is possible, well below even the Passive House Institute’s rigorous standard of 0.68 ACH50 or 0.05 CFM50/square foot of envelope. Five Star Energy Star Certified, This is one more example of how SIPs... read more

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