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High Performance Residence in Fort Worth, Texas3 Sisters High Performance SIP House
Fort Worth, TX
SIP were incorporated into the project's design from the very beginning, as the owners desired the high-performance aspects derived from SIPs (extreme airtightness, great insulation and incredible strength with its reduced homeowners insurance premiums). Install went quickly, and the... read more

Weatherford, TX
The homeowners wanted one of the most green, energy-efficient homes in the nation, and we realized this goal by approaching their project in a very holistic manner, considering all components & their inter-relatedness. SIPs played a key part in this,... read more

Westworth Village, TX
The benefit from using SIPs was to fulfill the client's desire for a more energy efficient home with greater air tightness as he has allergy and asthma problems. The architect was able to take advantage of the large interior volumes... read more

LEED SIP Country HouseLEED SIP Country House
Cleburne, TX
A Texas family escapes fast-paced city life to raise a family in the rural countryside outside Fort Worth, Texas. Working with award-winning builder Ferrier Custom Homes, they constructed a healthy, energy-efficient home that makes the most out of its passive... read more

Net Positive SIP HouseNet Positive SIP House
Pensacola, FL
In the beginning we evaluated 3 types of building materials, ICF, SIPs and conventional 2x framing with foam insulation. Overall, SIPs won out for the value added to the project; namely savings on foundation (elevated concrete deck on pre-stress... read more

River City SIP BankRiver City SIP Bank
Louisville, KY

SIP Bank BranchSIP Bank Branch
Vine Grove, KY

SIP Dispatch CenterSIP Dispatch Center
Martinsburg, WV

Zero Energy Ready Way Back BarnZero Energy Ready Way Back Barn
Wainscott, NY
Key Features: * High-performance insulation system for enhanced quiet and comfort * Comprehensive draft protection * Fresh air system for cleaner indoor air * High-efficiency comfort system * Energy-efficient appliances and advanced lightning technology for energy and water savingsread more

Zero Energy SIP HouseZero Energy SIP House
Dallas, TX
Our client's goal was to build an extremely energy efficient, small house that would be zero energy ready. The modular size and shape of the home lent itself to the use of SIPs for more

Zero Energy SIP HouseZero Energy SIP House
Fort Worth, TX
Careful attention went into each feature incorporated into the home, including energy efficiency modeling, which gave us powerful input when making decisions on the home. We used these test results to decide between increased energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. The... read more

Zero Energy SIP HouseZero Energy SIP House
Mineral Wells, TX
Custom home. Quote from homeowner: "As a specialist in energy-efficient, sustainable, green homes, this home . . . is an extension of our philosophy."read more

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