Artisan SIP Plans

Artisan SIP Plans

Builder, Design Professional, Master SIP Builders

Artisan SIP Plans has been a SIPA member and Master SIP Builder since 2006. Artisan provides design services and SIP packages for owner builders / DIY.  We specialize in Smaller Homes, Tiny Houses on Wheels, Cabins, Cottages, Art Studios, Workshops and Post Frame buildings.  Please give us a call. If we can't help, we might know someone who can. We have been working with SIPs for over 25 years.

Featured Projects

SIP Office BuildingSIP Office Building
Yakima, WA
LESS WASTE, LABOR & TIME: Because SIPS are fabricated specifically for the job in the manufacturing facility and due to the repetitive/simple structure, there was very little waste (both physical & labor/time) associated with the roof structure of this more

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