Harness the growing interest in offsite panel construction using SIPs.

SIPA is taking this season to spotlight the achievements of our Master SIP Builders. These 19 SIPA members and building professionals are coupling SIP technology with innovative designs to meet the highest codes and occupant health standards. This online builder program is free, and it includes courses and tests that can be taken at a pace that mesh with any builder’s schedule.

Completing the Building Education with SIPs Training (BEST) is the first tier to becoming a Master SIP Builder. The BEST program is comprised of 10 credentialed courses with topics on SIP building practices and methods, each section followed by a test. This comprehensive SIP training is promoted by the Department of Labor’s Job Corp, the Energy & Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA) and Team Zero accredited training programs. 

Visit SIPA’s training and builder programs page for more details.

Already building with SIPs?

A distinguished builder in today’s housing and construction market can be a challenging find. Depending on the project and builder availability, it can mean waiting a year or more to break ground. If you are already building with SIPs, the Master SIP Builder program is a great way to differentiate yourself from others in the field. The program is an option for any builder with 5 years in SIP construction or at least 10 completed SIP projects.

Along with the acquired SIP knowledge, these builders benefit from additional exposure on SIPs.org – the leading US-based website for SIP resources, training and projects. SIPA’s dedication to promoting SIPs extends to creating and maintaining a directory of our members as well as a media library of SIP projects showcasing hundreds of industry renown achievements. SIPA is the one-stop shop for green-building enthusiasts and for finding documented design capabilities of a SIP building envelope.  

Explore our dedicated Master SIP Builders page or learn more about becoming a Master SIP Builder.

Aspiring to build with SIPs?

As a means to manage materials and labor shortages, SIPs are a solution to reducing lumber consumption, labor needs and construction time. A Home Innovation Research Lab survey revealed that builders increasingly plan to incorporate SIPs and other panelized systems into their businesses. Additionally, there is no agonizing investment in training a crew to install SIPs. The online BEST program is entirely free, and sensibly segmented to educate both dabblers and committed SIP professionals.

The survey results illustrated above included 348 builders in 2019, 2020 and 2021 who were asked:

“Considering only the new homes your company builds, how often do you anticipate using the following construction practices in FIVE YEARS compared to the past year.”

This chart summarizes the percentage of builders who selected “more often” for each of the offsite construction methods. This positive trend is a promising sign to the panelized construction industry. More importantly, it would create measurable progress towards the building industry’s effort to reduce carbon emissions.

Builders, future occupants and even the planet gain a lifetime of benefits with a SIP project. Choose a reliable material that offers high-thermal insulation options throughout the structure. SIPs engineering outperforms other framing methods while coupling durability with occupant health. Anyone can explore and learn from SIPA’s free online training and resources. For those already building high-performance SIP homes, consider elevating your credentials with the Master SIP Builder program.

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