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Attic Retrofits Using Nail-Base Insulated Panels - DOE Project


Project: Attic Retrofits Using Nail-Base Insulated Panels:


Retrofit of attics in older existing homes can help improve energy savings and occupant comfort.  For some attic types the process is simple - air seal and add insulation at the ceiling, but for many older attic types improvements are more challenging.


The primary goal of this project is to develop and demonstrate a value-added roof/attic retrofit solution using nail-base insulated panels for a range of older homes where traditional attic insulation approaches are not effective or feasible.


Enable improvements to energy efficiency, comfort, and durability for a large population of older homes by providing integrated strategies for retrofitting attics using nail-base insulated panels.

Key Idea/Takeaway

Prefabricated panels provide added insulation and structural nail-base backing for roofing, and their installation can be integrated during a re-roofing effort. 




Home Innovation Research Labs


Lead: Dave Mallay


Partners: SIPA, ACC, FPL, APA, IBHS, Manufacturers, Contractors






Types of attics in older homes not suitable for standard “pile-on insulation” upgrades (typical location of existing insulation is shown; insulated panels are not shown)

(1) Cathedral Ceiling:

(2) Habitable Attics:

(3) Storage/Equipment:


A single solution can be employed to help transform these attics and ultimately the house into a better performing system using prefabricated nail-base insulated panels.

Nail-Base Insulated Panels consist of rigid
foam insulation laminated to a wood structural panel 


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