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SIPA Registered Master Builder: Erskin Construction

SIPA Registered Master Builder Todd Erskin of Erskin Construction has over 25 years of hands-on construction experience that begun working alongside his father as a teenager.  He opened up his own custom homebuilding business in 2001, but Erskin’s introduction to structural insulated panels (SIPs) did not come until years later when he set out to build his own home.

“I looked into SIPs because I wanted a timber frame home,” said Erskin.  “After building that house, it just didn’t make sense to build stick-built anymore, especially after living in it for a year and experiencing the energy cost savings.”

Erskin jumped on the SIP bandwagon and never looked back, using SIPs for all his homes in the last eight years.  This decision has proven successful from a marketability standpoint as well.  Rising energy prices and a new wave of consumer interest in environmental sustainability keep Erskin busy building energy-efficient SIP homes.

Energy efficiency is even more significant to retirees in his service area, most of whom are living on a fixed income. 

“I build a lot of custom homes for retired people or people that are anticipating retiring,” said Erskin.  “They are very concerned about what it is going to cost per month to live in that house, and they’re not that concerned about the cost of the home, because they are going to be on a fixed income for the rest of their life.  Even if it costs a little bit more to build, it is going to cost less per month.”

In the case of an energy-efficient SIP home, the incremental cost, when spread out over monthly mortgage payments, is often far outweighed by monthly energy savings, reducing the overall monthly costs for seniors.

Constructing high performance homes is not as simple as just using SIPs.  Erskin constantly works to ensure quality craftsmanship in all aspects of his homes, relying on careful SIP installations to achieve high levels of energy efficiency.  He attended the SIPA Registered Master Builder hands-on training workshop and is always on the lookout for other continuing education opportunities to improve his process and end product.

“I take pride in the quality of my homes more than anything,” said Erskin.  “Quality spans all of the things we do here: the energy efficiency, our customer service, and the strength and longevity of our homes.”

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