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Engineering Design Guide

This document applies to structural insulated panels (SIPs), which shall be defined as a structural facing material with a foam core.  This document does not apply to the design of reinforcement materials which may be incorporated into SIPs, such as dimensional lumber or cold-formed steel.  All other materials shall be designed in accordance with the appropriate code adopted design standards.



Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) - Engineering Design Guide
First Edition 2019
SIP-EDG01-19 (Final Draft) Approval date 03-20-2019

Welcome to a new tool built with you, the design professional, in mind!

Whether you are already familiar with panelized construction design or exploring this system for the first time, this Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) Engineering Design Guide will be of great value. Decades of the industry’s collective technical wisdom and experience from scores of expert builders, designers,engineers, and wood and structural associations have gone into its compilation.

The Five Ws of the SIPA Structural Insulated Panel Design Guide Manual

May 19, 2017
TFEC Symposium
Eric J. Tompos
NTA, Inc.

SIPs: An Engineer's Perspective 

Fall 2017
Ohio Structural Engineer's Annual Meeting Presentation
Tom Moore
Pinnacle Engineering, Inc.


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