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Code Reports for SIPs

SIPA members provide recognition of compliance with the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Building (IRC) code through evaluation reports.

These reports are issued by the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) or NTA, Inc. SIPA members have access to the SIPA-NTA Code Report, a shared code listing managed by a group of SIPA member manufacturers. Click on the links below to access code reports for SIPA member manufacturers.

Acme Panel Company

Enercept, Inc. (ICC-ES Report)

Enercept, Inc. (NTA Report)

Energy Panel Structures, Inc.

Extreme Panel Technologies, Inc.


Foard Panel, Inc.

General Panel Corporation

Innova Eco System - Florida

Innova Eco System - Miami Dade Co, FL

Insulspan, Incorporated

Lamit Industries

Murus EPS SIPs

Murus Polyurethane SIPs


Premier Building Systems


R-Control SIP 

R-Control SIP/Big Sky Insulations

R-Control SIP/Branch River Plastics

R-Control SIP/NoArk Enterprises

R-Control SIP/West Coast SIPs



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