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FPL Study: Performance of SIP Walls under Seismic Loading

Performance of Structural Insulated Panel Walls under Seismic Loading

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Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are a viable, energy-efficient, cost-effective option for commercial and residential buildings. But, acceptance of SIPs has been hindered by the lack of systematic evaluation of lateral load performance in wall applications.

This study provides the data needed to characterize lateral load performance of several configurations of SIP walls: single-panel walls with and without hold-downs at various aspect ratios, multiple-panel walls without openings, and multiple-panel walls with various openings.

This research involved lateral testing of 54 full-sized SIP walls. Single-panel SIP walls with hold-downs had unit strength capacities at least three times that of single-panel SIP walls without hold-downs. Unit shear wall capacity and stiffness of SIP shear wall segments decreased with increasing number of panels and with increasing aspect ratio.

Lateral load resistance of single-panel SIP walls with aspect ratios of 1:1, 2:1, and 3:1 and five-panel SIP wall configurations without openings satisfied the cyclic performance parameters of overstrength, drift, and ductility capacities, as defined in International Code Council-Evaluation Service acceptance criteria AC04 and ASTM D7989, which is equivalent to light-frame walls.

The perforated shear wall method gave conservative results for all strength ratio predictions; therefore, applying this approach to SIP wall configurations with openings for both stiffness and strength adjustments was determined to be appropriate.



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