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SIP Engineering Design Guide SIP-EDG01-19


New Tool for Designing with SIPs
Structural Insulated Panel (SIP)
Engineering Design Guide


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New Comprehensive Manual. This Guide provides clear and easily accessible engineering design basics for structural insulated panels (SIPs). The manual captures SIP industry standards as developed and reviewed by longtime SIP professionals. Support for Engineers and Architects. This Engineering Design Guide is specifically tailored to support Design Professionals who are relatively new to SIPs. The Specification and Design Examples formalize and simplify design procedures for experienced SIP engineers and architects.
PART 1. Design Specification. 60+ pages of definitions, equations and derivations.

PART 2. Commentary. Background reference for the Design Professional seeking further understanding of the basis and limits of the Design Specification.

PART 3. Design Examples. Typical, practical applications of the Design Specification parameters.

Examples are written up in the manual, and interactive online versions are available for your own calculations (no need for downloads).
More Applications for SIPs. This new tool makes it easier to design with structural insulated panels for a wide range of structures. The Design Guide helps Design Professionals access the innovative strength, span, and loading characteristics inherent to SIPs while taking advantage of the building system’s simple and fast installation even in complicated multistory commercial structures.


Materials Easily Accessible
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• Design Examples online at:
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Design Examples Based on Structural Insulated
Panels Design Specification

1. Maximum Transverse Short-Duration Uniform Load
2. Wall Cladding Panel Under Transverse Wind Load
3. Roof Panel Under Transverse Load
4. Maximum Axial Compression Load
5. Wall Panel Under Combined Axial and Transverse  Load
6. Wall Panel Subject to Racking
7. Wall Panel Under Combined Axial, transverse, and Racking Loads
8. Roof Diaphragm Design
9. Reinforced Panel Under Transverse Load (I-Joist)
10. Reinforced Panel Under Transverse Load (Dimension Lumber)
11. Reinforced Panel Under Axial Load
12. Panel with Opening
Design Specification Contents
1. Scope
2. Notation
3. Considerations
4. Flexure
5. Shear
6. Compression
7. Tension
8. Lateral Force-Resisting Systems
9. Combined Loads
10. Connections and Joints
11. Openings
12. Reinforced Panels
13. Shells and Folded Plate Members



This document applies to structural insulated panels (SIPs), which shall be defined as a structural facing material with a foam core.  This document does not apply to the design of reinforcement materials which may be incorporated into SIPs, such as dimensional lumber or cold-formed steel.  All other materials shall be designed in accordance with the appropriate code adopted design standards.


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