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Retrofit Insulated Panels

2018 Annual Meeting Presentation by Al Cobb: RIPs Attic Retrofit Panels For Roofing - Al Cobb FINAL (pdf download)



Retrofit insulated panels (also called nailbase panels) provide continuous exterior insulation and a solid nailing surface in a single step.  Perfect for deep energy retrofits and new construction, retrofit insulated panels are a labor-saving method of reaching a high performance, airtight building envelope.

The below Retrofit Insulated Panel Wall & Roof Installation Guide is a document prepared by SIPA and Home Innovation Research Labs.  It is intended to serve alongside manufacturer's installation recommendations for retrofit insulated panels.

Retrofit Insulated Panel Wall & Roof Installation Guide 10-15B Aug2015 (pdf)

Case Study: Cold Climate Retrofit (pdf).  Applying retrofit insulated panels to this classic craftsman home helped cut energy use by 50 percent and bring the HERS Index down to 59, saving the homeowners over $1,300 a year in energy costs. 

Case Study: Oak Harbor Retrofit (pdf).  An old ranch-style home gets a much-needed remodel, complete with retrofit insulated panels, high performance windows, and a new HVAC system. The improvements resulted in a 64 percent reduction in energy use and $3,060 in annual savings for the homeowners.

Case Study: Energy Envelope Upgrades Using Retrofit Insulated Panels (pdf)
2013/2014 NYSERDA Apartment in Albany, NY with SIPA and HIRL.

Extended research by Home Innovation Research Labs and DOE Building America confirmed the energy-saving benefits of retrofitting attics with nailbase panels:

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