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Retrofit Insulated Panels

Retrofit insulated panels (also called nailbase panels) provide continuous exterior insulation and a solid nailing surface in a single step.  Perfect for deep energy retrofits and new construction, retrofit insulated panels are a labor-saving method of reaching a high performance, airtight building envelope.

The below Retrofit Insulated Panel Wall & Roof Installation Guide is a draft document prepared by SIPA and Home Innovation Research Labs.  It is intended to serve alongside manufacturer's installation recommendations for retrofit insulated panels.

Retrofit Insulated Panel Wall & Roof Installation Guide 10-15B Aug2015 (pdf)

Case Study: Cold Climate Retrofit (pdf)

Case Study: Oak Harbor Retrofit (pdf)

Case Study: Energy Envelope Upgrades Using Retrofit Insulated Panels (pdf)
2013/2014 NYSERDA Apartment in Albany, NY with SIPA and HIRL.

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